Thursday, May 04, 2006

May already?

Hello everyone!

i hope that all is well in your worlds! we are doing well. i just got back from nashville! it was so fun! i went for work (creating keepsakes magazine). we stayed at the opryland hotel! it was beautiful! and huge! i knew that there would be a problem when i checked in and they gave me a colored coded map with step by step instructions to my room!

i will going to manchester, nh next week! i am thrilled to go! i am flying out a few days early so i can spend time with my dad! i haven't seen him since last may, so it will be a good reunion!

kevin is doing well at his job. he is getting a little tired of the early mornings though. he has been saying the last couple of days that he wants to take a vacation. i sure wish i could take him with me to manchester.

sam is great! he started a new job today. he is working with metal/welding. he is so talented with that! his job is in franklin idaho. it might sound like it is far away, but it is only about 20 minutes away! he is glad to be working again.

tonight we had a young women activity for our church. it was so fun! we had a mother and daughter activity! we played a game kinda like the newlywed game. we asked the mothers and daughters questions to see how well they new each other. it was so coo! i am going to post pictures of everyone later.

love and hugs to you all! jen