Monday, February 23, 2009

lucky #8

I've been tagged!
8 things tag rules are:
*post rules on your blog
*answer the 6 '8' items
*let each person know they are tagged by leaving them a 'comment'
here goes...
'8' favorite TV shows
1. survivor
2. the amazing race
3. American idol
4. so you think you can dance
5. the biggest loser
6. the bachelor
7. ghost whisperer
8. trust me
'8' things i did yesterday
1. took a shower
2. went to church
3. called my mom
4. gave kevin a kiss
5. made breakfast for dinner
6. checked my email
7. got on facebook
8. went to bed at 7pm!
'8' things i am looking forward to
1. the weekend
2. melted snow
3. having friends over for dinner friday!
4. a 2nd date for a friend :)
5. a vacation
6. sleeping
7. girls weekend
8. paid time off
'8' favorite restaurants
1. frederico's
2. angie's
3. bluebird
4. chilli's
5. olive garden
6. red lobster
7. famous dave's
8. arby's :)
'8' things on my wish list
1. weight loss
2. happiness
4. be healthy
5. winter was over
6. to see Oprah someday
7. to go on a great vacation
8. visit family more often
'8' people i tag
1. noe
2. maryruth
3. tiffany s
4. brenda
5. melissa
6. kristine
7. barbi
8. laura
have fun!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

happy birthday carrie!

Happy Birthday Carrie!!!today is my beautiful cousins birthday!
she is 25 today!
we are super close! and i am so grateful for her and our friendship!
love ya carrie!

Friday, February 20, 2009

and the winner is....

ME !!!!!!!

i won the Receiving/Overnight
Associate of the Year!!!

i am so excited and honored!

it is a great feeling to be recognized for working hard!

seriously... very cool!
i am so excited about this!

a huge thanks to all of my fellow associates that voted for me!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day!!!

happy valentine's day!
i will admit, that before i was married i hated this day! i protested the whole month for that matter! i wore black all month, but was decked from head to toe in black on the 14th! to top it all off! i worked at a hallmark store! the land of love!
ok... so when i got married, i gave in.
but i think it is more than that! i changed my way of thinking! today i look at february 14th as a day of love... not only for a sweetheart, but for family and friends!
today is a day i like to recognize my friends... let them know i love them. tell my family i am thinking about them.
my sweet husband was out of town this weekend, and didn't come home until late tonight. but he wanted to make sure that i knew he remembered me!
he sent flowers! beautiful roses! and the UPS guy brought them! how cool is that!
i married a wonderful man!
today, i tell each of you... remember the ones you love... you don't have to be married, dating or even in love to enjoy Valentine's Day...
you just have to tell those in your life that you love them!
i hope you had a good day, i did!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

A - Z ...

i haven't posted much lately, so i thought i would get caught up by listing the A - Z 's of what's been going on!
A- i love! i am on there all the time looking for a great recipe for dinner. my favorite feature is the ingredient look up. you just type in what ingredients you have and they will tell you what recipes you can make! mmmmm!
B- i am very very very sorry for my neglecting my blog for so long! i have been busy, but i am not sure with what! :) i am gonna do better! :)
C- it is that time of year! girl scout cookie time! mmmm! i can't wait until march when my order comes in!
D- last night i just wanted to chill and watch a DVD, and i had one from netflix that i hadn't watched yet... Phantom of the Opera (2004)! OH. MY. GOSH. i loved it! i have never seen it before... always wanted to, but never did! loved it! loved the music (which i had heard...), loved the characters, loved the set, loved the costumes! wow! amazing!
E- my other blog, Everyday 2009, has been fun! i find that i am looking for the right thing to document each day!
F- i know that i have talked about Facebook many times on here... but i really love it! it has been such a great way to re-connect with old friends and learn new things about them! i have also found lots of current friends on there too! thanks to all of you that found me on there and added me as a "friend".
G- ok... so last night i wanted to play a game. solitaire... just regular solitaire (on the computer- i don't really play with cards anymore... ). i really like playing spider and algerian, but last night i just wanted to keep it basic! i decided i would play till i won and then go to bed! quick, right? no! 3 FREAKIN HOURS LATER!! i know... i know... i should have just gone to bed! but i just couldn't! i hadn't one a game yet! i have NEVER had such a rough time with solitaire in my life! geez!!!
H- last week i got a really cute haircut! i love getting something new and different! syndee always does such an amazing job! love her! funny story... i was trying to find a new cut in a magazine and i had picked out about 8 cuts, i showed them to my friends and work to see what they liked... one of them said... "jennie, it looks like the exact same cut you already have in just 8 different ways!" lol! maybe... but it feels new! ;)
I- i am not sure what i ever did before internet! i love this technology! i can research things, talk to friends, journal, scrapbook and play games! i am very grateful for it!
J- this week i was able to go and visit my cute friend jami! she is doing great! she was in the hospital again for about 7 weeks during christmas and new years, but is home now. i haven't seen her for so long... it was a good visit. she had a scare the night before i got there, but is doing much better. she is such a beautiful person, and has been through so much in the last year. it was a year ago last week that she was life flighted to slc and not expected to make it through the night. i have learned so much from her and her family in this last year. i love her family. her brother jeff, is one of my dearest friends. i can't wait to see jami again! :)
K- my poor little kevin! he has had some pretty long runs for work lately. he left yesterday morning at 1:30 am to drive to arizona to deliver fuel. he was supposed to be home today... but had tire problems before he left and had to spend a couple of hours getting that fixed. so, he will deliver the fuel today (probably already has) and will head home. but because he can only drive so many hours in a shift, he will have to stop and stay overnight again. that will put him home sometime tomorrow! at least this time he was prepared and had extra change of clothes. i had him put an extra set of "unders" in "just in case"! good thing i did! even with all of the issues that come up, we are grateful that he has a job and there is work to be done!
L- i am truly blessed and love my life! somedays are not as fun as others, but overall, i am happy!
M- the last couple of weeks i have been working on an MP3 cd for a friend of mine. we started off listing songs that were his "theme" songs and those 20 turned into 74 songs!!! crazy, i know! but it was so fun! we have been sharing songs back and forth this whole time, i would listen to them and then add them to the list! then i downloaded them, organized them and burned the cd! i gave it to him yesterday! so fun! what a fun project! now what do i do... lol!
N- when i got my haircut the other day i also got my nails done. i have had some pretty fun colors in the past, but i am back to classic white tips. but this time i got a cool stamp on them too! now i have about 6 hearts stamped on a couple of nails! how fun!
O- we are doing "A Night at the Oscars" for a Young Women program. it has been fun to see it come together! We are encouraging the girls to wear formals and dress up! i hope it turns out well!
P- i am famous! well, not really, but i like to pretend! my friend, sandi, designs wonderful paper! she is incredible! she and her best friend, marsha, own a scrapbook paper company called Paper Loft! if you ever see this paper
you should so buy it! amazing stuff!
ok... so another friend, kris, and i have been trying to convince sandi to create a pink and brown line of paper for a couple of years! well, they just announced their new lines for 2009 and amongst them is a pink and brown line! wahoo!
but the news gets better!!!! they named one of the designs after ME!!! and another design after kris! how cool is that! i haven't seen the paper yet, but kris said it is beautiful! i am so excited! i can hardly stand it!
so... when you are out there looking for some cute pink and brown paper, look for paperloft and buy the kris and jennie paper! i will post it as soon as i have some!
Q- do you have something basic in your life that you love? for me, one of those things is ziploc bags... the quart size! i love them! i am not sure what i would do without them! everything goes into one! stuff for kevin, cereal for work, pens for the car, invitations or cards, phone and keys... the options are endless!
R- every year at work we get one of the desk top calenders... this year we got the "you might be a redneck if..." i love it! so funny! and i have come to the conclusion, that i just might be a redneck! lol!
S- this might sound silly, but i love salami! the other day at work we were able to sample on of the new salami's in the meat dept! so so yummy! it had a great flavor and was softer than other salami's i have tried! i bought some that day and have been eating it all weekend! mmmm!
T- i have been a texting fool lately! between talking to my friend about his cd, my yw girls and friends in general! i am on fire! this is another technology i am so grateful for! what did i do before cell phones and texting! good thing i have an unlimited texting plan!
U- UGH! my scrapbook room is such a disaster! i don't even know where to start in the cleaning, dejunking and organizing it! sad thing is... it's not even next on the list... there are a few other rooms ahead of it!
V- can you believe that valentine's day is next week! wow! time sure flies when you are having fun! i am still shocked that christmas came and went! let alone that its time for valentines!
W- i love 3 day weekends! this is one for me, since we had to work last sunday (and part of saturday)! wahoo!
X- well, i don't love to eXercise! haven't been doing too well at that lately!
Y- i mentioned before that we are doing an Oscar's night for Young Women's... my role in this event is the invitations and programs. i love doing this kind of thing! paper crafting... i realized this week that this is "what i do". and... i am good at it. it's hard for me to say... i don't want to sound prideful, but i had an A-HA moment this week and that is what i learned. i was looking through a magazine this week and there was a quote... "Do What You Love". i love this! and i am grateful for the opportunity i have to craft in yw!
Z- i love sleeping! getting those ZZZZ's is pretty important to me. i am a person who needs at least 8 hours of sleep a night. on the weekends i try to get 10... hasn't been happening lately! need. more. sleep.
well, there you have it! my life... A - Z style!