Tuesday, April 29, 2008

great day!

what an amazing day!
this breakfast was lots of hard work, but i would do it again- in a heartbeat!

ann made this wonderful signs and i printed off jami's story and picture of her.

i had 4 girls from my church group help out too! they were amazing to help!

we didn't do as well financially as we were hoping, but we had a great time! every little bit helps, so we walked away happy!

i COULD NOT have done this breakfast without the help of ann and julie! they are great friends!

if anyone still wants to help, but wasn't able to come to the breakfast, there is an account opened at the Bank of Utah ~ Jami Petersen.

thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and support!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pancake Breakfast!

it is finally here!
Saturday, 26 April
8am to 11am
Sam's Club Parking Lot
Logan Utah
All you can eat PANCAKES,
2 links of sausage
and your choice of milk or orange juice!
only $4.00!
* all donations will go to Jami Peterson and her family to help pay for medical bills.
i know many of you are local and i would love to have you come have breakfast tomorrow!
bring your families!
tell your friends!
spread the word!
this is for a wonderful cause! thanks for helping!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

so much fun...

we had such a blast at the scrapbook show! the VIP section was awesome! i will definitely do that again!

our table was always full of "stuff"... projects, treats, you name it!

here are the faithful 5!

me, barbi, heather, joann and alecia.

on friday we also were able to enjoy tiff and natalie's company!

thanks ladies! what a great time!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

here we come!

watch out scrappers!
here we come!!!
a few friends of mine and i are heading to slc tomorrow to attend the scrapbook usa expo! so exciting!
we will scrap and shop all day friday, stay the night and then do it all over again on saturday! we are in the "VIP" section on saturday though! free class, goodie bag and treats! can't wait!
ok... i have to go pack and get ready! i will share my fun stories when i get back!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


5 Things I Was Doing 5 Years Ago
1. celebrating my one year wedding anniversary
2. moving into a new apartment
3. getting ready for annie to move to logan!
4. changing positions at my job
5. making great friends in my ward

5 Things On My To-Do List Today
1. watch gilmore girls
2. workout
3. watch enchanted
4. dishes
5. go to dinner with my cute husband

5 Snacks I Enjoy
1. yougurt with granola
2. popsicles
3. carrots
4. pears
5. girl scout cookies

5 Places I've Lived
1. indianapolis, indiana
2. casper, wyoming
3. la junta, colorado
4. oakley, idaho
5. logan, utah

What I Would Do if I Became a Billionaire
1. buy a house for us and our families
2. buy some cars for them too
3. take lots of trips all over the world
4. pay off our debt and our families
5. give big to others!!

5 Bad Habits
1. watch too much tv
2. i don't exercise like I should
3. not as organized as i would like to be
4. don't enjoy yard work
5. a little bit of a homebody during down time

5 Jobs I've Had
1. sleek images: a toning salon
2. walmart: customer service desk
3. hallmark: store manager
4. telemarketer for at&t
5. sam's club: audit team lead

5 things people don't know about me...
1. i am the only girl in my family
2. i hate twisted phone cords
3. my best friend and i have been friends for almost 27 years!
4. i am a huge packrat
5. i don't really enjoy school
ok... i tag anyone who reads this! it is fun!
(thanks angie!)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

6 years of bliss...

Today is our 6th Wedding Anniversary!
kevin text me this morning and told me that we have had 6 years of bliss... wow... bliss... cool...

our wedding day was one of the best days of my life!

how wonderful!

we love to be with each other.
what a cutie! can't wait for the next 6 years, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next...

happy anniversary babe! i love ya!

Monday, April 07, 2008

blue girl...

You Are A Blue Girl

Relationships and feelings are the most important things to you.

You are empathetic and accepting - and good at avoiding conflict.

If someone close to you is in pain, it makes you hurt as well.

You try to heal the ones you love with your kind and open heart.

Friday, April 04, 2008


isn't i amazing what a new du will do for a girl?!

i was struggling a bit this week... but when i got my haircut, i felt tons better! who knows why... pretty sure it is a girl thing.

well, no matter what the reason, i am feeling better.

thanks to everyone for your kind comments... i really appreciate each of them.

here are some of the happenings of the week:

* i was able to sub for my neighborhood bunco night! it was so fun!

* i went to a scentsy party and found some great scents! a few of my fav's are: home sweet home, lemon lavender and falling leaves! be sure to check them out!

* i have not been feeling all that well this week... i seem to have a yucky cold... wednesday night i went to bed at 6pm!!! it was nice to get some sleep! i am finally feeling a tad bit better today... ya!

* i only was able to workout at curves twice this week because of the yucky cold... oh well... i will be back to normal next week! (i hope!)

* my mom and i are going to visit my brother tomorrow! i am so stinking excited! we are going to be able to hug him!!!!! ya! it has been too long...

* my sweethart and i are going out to dinner tonight for an early anniversary celebration. next week is our 6 year wedding anniversary. i will post more about that later...

* well... i think that is it for now... thanks for lifting me up when i was down! i love you all!