Tuesday, November 13, 2007

terrific tuesday!

ok... so i am so excited today!!! i think my system is on sensory/excitement overload!!!

today is such a great day! why? well, let me tell you!!

1. gilmore girls season 7 is released today!!!! i am so excited! that means it will be coming in my mailbox from netflix tomorrow!!! wahoo!!!

i totally love gilmore girls and have anxiously awaiting the release of the last season!!! i am really trying to be a good girl so that santa will bring me the grand daddy set of all 7 seasons for christmas!!!

i first started watching the series a year or so ago... and quickly fell in love with all of the charactors! it is such a great show!

2. celine dion has a new cd that comes out.... TODAY!!!

this is her first english cd in over 3 years! how exciting! i can't wait to get it... i might be ok if i have to wait until christmas to get this cd...

but it looks so good! did ya know that celine was on oprah yesterday? i watched it.... it was coooooooooooooooooooooooool! and the songs that she sang (from her new cd) sounded awesome!!!

3. tonight is BUNCO!!!! i love bunco nights! we have such a fun group of ladies that play!

yep... one of the best days this week!

Friday, November 09, 2007

7 random things about me...

ok... so i have been tagged...
7 random things about me...
funny... i have lots more than 7...
1. i hate twisted phone cords! i can't stand it when the cord is so twisted that you can't even move... i have even been known to untwist a cord at a store... just drives me crazy!
2. the toilet paper roll should be rolling toward you when you are getting some off... rolling off of the top!! not the bottom... i know... with kids that may not be the best route... but i don't have kids!!! unfortunately, my husband doesn't get it... so even after 5 years he is still putting the toilet paper on "wrong".
3. i have 3 brothers, but am the only child!
ok... here is the story: i have an older brother (rick jr.) that i have never met, from my dad. and 2 younger brothers, one from my dad (marcus) and one from my mom (sam). i grew up with sam and he is my brother!! i don't even think of him being a "half", cuz he is my brother! i am getting to know marcus a bit more, but it is hard since we see each other less than once a year. marcus is 19 and lives in connecticut with his mom. rick jr. is married and lives in california. i hope to meet him someday soon...
now, sam and i are very close. he lives here in utah and has made choices in his life that haven't always been very good ones. however, i love him and support him any way that i can. one day, i will share more of his story...
4. i am a pack rat... i love "stuff"... i don't always know what i am going to do with it, or where i am going to put it... but i love it...
i have inherited this trait from my mom, so i come by it naturally. i wish that i could have a small portion of ann's O.C.D. habits and had a more organized and "picked up" home... but that is something i am working on...
5. i sleep in my stomach... with my face IN the pillow... seriously, face smashed into the pillow... my hand usually in on my forehead in someway too...
6. i am addicted to my soap opera... days of our lives... love it! everyday i take a trip to salem and hang out with bo, hope, belle, shawn, sammy, lucas, marlana, and all the gang... i try to tell myself that i am not addicted... but i am ...
7. my entire life i have wanted to be a mom...
dreamed about it, thought about it, prayed about it, talked about it,
knew it would happen...
now, i am not so sure...
ok... now it is your turn... tell me one random thing about you...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the best of the best

so... last weekend at dinner we were discussing movies... me, kris, dick, marsha and sandi... and we compiled a list of a "few" of our favorites... then i posed the same question to some of my co-workers at sam's... so, here is the grand list
steel magnolias
family stone
first wives club
my best friends wedding
the usual subject
count of monte cristo
it's a wonderful life
social club
shawshank redemption
on golden pond
back to the future -just the first one!
doc hollywood
the notebook
pretty woman
a time to kill
lake house
return to me
walk the line
top gun
6th sense
star wars... all of them
catch me if you can
dirty dancing
breakfast club
16 candles
field of dreams
sleepless in seattle
you've got mail
the guardian
monster's inc
little mermaid
mary poppins
pearl harbor
saving private ryan
sky high
message in a bottle
the gambler
the gods must be crazy
quigley down under
men in black
city slickers
wild hogs
somewhere in time
beauty and the beast
that touch of mink
princess bride
much ado about nothing
ferris beuller's day off
knights tale
3 musketeers
phantom of the opera
the fugitive
some like it hot
kiss me kate
the nightmare before christmas
man from snowy river
can't buy me love
white christmas
ever after
national treasure
ladder 49...
so... what are your top movies? what could you watch over and over and over again? mine are the ones that are highlighted...

Monday, November 05, 2007

busy girl...

hi there! i am so excited to post all about my week! i have about a million random thoughts floating through my brain... so here goes... the thoughts of a busy girl!
so we survived our overnight shifts... it was a little tough the 2nd night... but all went well...
our halloween costumes rocked! i think we were sooooooooo clever....
can you guess what we were? our job at sam's club is to count everything... so we were...
the count.... team!

ah ah ah...

it was fun... we at least had a good time! ann painted all of our shirts and they were each different and we attempted to wear the fangs... but they didn't work very well!

very, very fun!!

there were some really great costumes at work this year!

wednesday night i went down to centerville to stay with my friend kris. we (dick, kris and i) flew out to seattle early thursday morning for my last scrapbook show of the year! seattle is always a very good show and we had a good time! we were super busy, which is a great thing, and spent lots of time with marsha and sandi from paperloft! they are so great! we love them!

last night we had our Young Women in Excellence program. it was amazing! the girls did such a great job!

i am so proud of each of them!

as leaders, we sang the closing song "Walk Tall You are a Daughter of God" to the girls. last week we all met and practiced. i have to say, it was the first time that i really felt connected as a new yw presidency. we had such a great time... laughed, sang, giggled... sang a bit and laughed until we were crying. it was a great night. i am so grateful for my calling in the young women.

ok... so back to my story... as we started singing the closing song to the girls, our yw president starting crying a bit, then the secretary... i was on the end and was afraid to look over to them... i am typically a cryer, so i didn't need any instigating!! by the second verse, i think almost all of them were crying!

now, i wasn't sure if i should start crying, start laughing or just keep singing!!

i chose to keep singing... i got a little emotional during the last phrase of the song... whew! what an experience! as we all sat down tiffany said (kinda to herself, kinda not -lol) "that is NOT how we practiced it!" i have to say, i thought the whole thing was very comical! we all kinda laughed about it later! one of the girls came up to me after and said jokingly "nice solo, sister little!"

overall, it was an amazing night! we have such an amazing group of girls! i am so proud of all of them! i am grateful that i serve with women who love them as much as i do. we wouldn't have been so emotional if we didn't!

life is good.