Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sweets and Sours

hello there! time for "Sweets and Sours"

can't think of anything...


my burn looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better! i don't even think the scar is going to be all that horrible! huge thanks to ann, for supplying band aids and tape... , kris, for letting me borrow her vitamin E oil! that stuff is great!

we are having a USU 26th Ward reunion today! it is going to be so fun! this was my singles ward when i first moved to logan! the people are amazing! we all became such good friends. i am excited to see everyone! i will post pictures later!

i had yesterday off and did NOTHING! i loved it! just pure laziness! i totally needed that! july is going to be a very "hellish" month... work is going to be absolutely CRAZY! so i needed a day to do nothing! cuz i am not going to see that again until august!

i was able to visit with a couple groups of friends this week. i love being able to reconnect with someone that is important to you. it was fun! thanks nicki and suzanne! thanks holly and julianne!

i found out that some ladies in my ward are reading "twilight"!!! so exciting! i gasped a little when i found out! i was that excited!

one of the many blogs that i visit is a recipe blog! it is so great! lorie posts different recipes everyday and then has them categorized by type... dessert, peanut butter, cassorole, chicken... to make it easy to look for a recipe! i am sooooooooooooooo enjoying it! i look everyday to see what i might want to make for dinner that night!!! check it out! you won't be sorry!

well, that is all! i hope that you have had a great week too! what were your sweets and sours this week?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

40 hours...

with NO sleep!
yes, i am crazy!

ok... so here is the story... i couldn't really sleep last night, so i got up and watched tv... blogged... then it came to me... the MASTER plan!

i was going to stay up all night and then go to work really early in the morning... i figured that i was only going to get 6 hours of sleep anyway, so why not. i hate being tired in the morning from lack of sleep... so the MASTER plan sounded great! (i have to say, the last time i had a MASTER plan... i didn't work out so well. i decided to sleep for a couple of hours instead of staying up all night... ya right! i turned off my alarm and barely made it to work when i was supposed to, let alone early!!)

so that is what i did! i stayed up all night and took a shower around 1:30... called up the night manager at sam's club and said... i can't sleep... i am coming in!

i got to work around 2:00am and stayed there until 1:00pm!!! holy moly! what was i thinking??!!??!! how was not sleeping at all a better plan than getting at least 6 hours of sleep? i am the kind of person that needs to get at least 8 hours of sleep, if not 10!! anyway... the good new is that because i worked so many blasted hours, i now have tomorrow off!!!


the bad news is that i am still up... 40 hours later. i think that i took about a 30 minute nap this afternoon. but that was it... i am going to sleep soooooooooooooooooo good tonight!

the other great part of the day was that i was able to see my cute friend holly and her family! her sister is having a baby and i was invited to the shower. i love her family! her other sister, julianne, was also there! how fun! she is so dang cute! i haven't seen her in years! she is now a beautiful young women! very impressed was i!

anyway.... i love them and it was great to see them! we are going to go to lunch soon! how fun!!

"J" Answers

1. Famous singer/band….Josh Turner! (love him!)
2. 4 letter word: ...... Junk
3. Street name:.... Jennie Lane... heehee
4 .Color:...... Jet Black
5. Gifts / presents:...... Jewelry
6. Vehicle: ..... Jeep
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop:.... Jars
8. Boy Name: ....... Jacob
9. Girl Name:..... Jennifer
10. Movie Title: ......Jumanji
11. Drink:.......Juice
12. An Occupation:. .....Janitor
13. Flower:...... ???
14. Celebrity: ....... Jennifer Love Hewitt
15. Magazine.... .......Just for Kids
16. U.S. city........Jackson Hole, Wy
17. Pro Sports Team: .... Jazz (utah basketball)
18. Fruit: ..... (fruit) Juice
19. Reason for Being Late for Work: ...Just too Tired!!
20. Something You Throw Away:....Junk Mail
21. Things You Shout: ......Jerk! ("Just Kidding!")
22. Cartoon Character: ...... "Jasper" the friendly ghost... (Caspers cousin)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


i have decided that music is a very personal thing.
i just completed 2 overnight shifts at work and we were listening to one of my co-workers ipods. for the most part i really enjoyed her music selections, but i was very surprised on some too.
there were 6 of us working overnight on sunday night and then the same 6 along with the regular overnight team last night. it was interesting to hear everyone's comments on colleens music. some loved it (me) and some complained on every song.. just kind of funny.
i really think that music is such a personal choice. i now have music playing on my blog, so if you turn on your speakers, you will hear a few of my favorites! i hope you like them too...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sweets and Sours

good morning my blog friends!!!
here is this weeks version of "Sweets and Sours"!
this was a tough week at work... we were missing lots of stuff and took lots of items/money out of our inventory! my shrink % is not looking too pretty right now!!!
my burn is healing quite well! it is looking pretty good!!!
i got to see my cute mommy this week! she is wonderful!
ann, julie and i finished touring all of the home in the cache valley parade of homes! they were magnificent! i was very impressed! it was an incredible thing to see the extreme makeover: home edition home- the pauni family! it was awesome! i was very impressed with it! i even got to see mrs. pauni! she was in her industrial kitchen cooking for an event this weekend! i told her that her home was beautiful! she said thanks!!!! i got to talk to her!!!! so cool!!!
i went to lunch with some friends that i used to work with. holly, kristine and chelsa! it was great to see them again. it has been awhile since we all got together! such fun memories with all of them! those were some good ole days!!! thanks gals! really fun afternoon!
i am reading a good book right now... you know, i haven't really read in so long and then about a month ago- BAM!! i am a reading fool! (well, a fool at least!) i have probably read 6 books in the last 4 weeks! that is really good for me lately. i have not really read very much in the last year or so... and i love it so much! my all time favorite author is: anita stansfield. but i am also enjoying rachel nunes, michelle ashman bell, stephanie meyer... the list goes on...
we went grocery shopping yesterday! i love to go grocery shopping! it is one of my favorite things to do... i start at the back of the store and go up and down every aisle. i usually have a list, but am willing to pick up things along the way that i see. i love the hunt for the right item, and more importantly, the right price!!! i want to get the very most for my money! love it! love it! love it!!
i got to talk to my friend maryruth this week! she is so cute! it is fun to catch up and visit for a bit!
my friend julie, is having a little birthday party at the park today with her family and a few friends. kevin and i are honored to be among the guest list! it is going to be fun! just a casual party in the park... can't wait!
well, i am feeling pretty blessed right now. all is well.
what are your sweets and sours for the week?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


is my friend's, Julie, birthday!
happy birthday juls!

we had fun... went to a little park and ate shaved ice! yummy!
she is having a party on saturday!
it is going to be fun!
here is a fun memory that julie and i share...
julie and i go way back... back to when i first came home from my mission. she and i would hang out quite often. one particular sunday afternoon i was getting a "hankering" for some Peanut Butter Pie. i had a pretty good recipe for it, so i began the process...
well, when i got to the part in the recipe about adding the Peanut Butter, i realized that i did not have any! how am i supposed to make Peanut Butter Pie with no Peanut Butter?!
i called julie and asked "would you like to come over for some Peanut Butter Pie?" she, being the nice person that she is, said... "sure, is there anything that i can bring?"
i chuckled and said...
"yes, how about some Peanut Butter?"
juls, thanks for this memory and sooooooooo many others!
i hope that you have a marvelous birthday!


yesterday was a very busy day, but a good one too! i had to go down to provo for work. it was their inventory. so i left my house at 3:30am to be in provo between 5:30-6:00am... yikes!
the inventory went well, so when i left at 11:00 i stopped at the ck office in bluffdale. i wanted to see my friend carma. i was hoping that she was in ... and she was!!! we visited for a bit and then i was off again!
i had a little bit of time until i was going to meet my mom for lunch, so i decided to go the the factory outlet mall in draper... i always find jeans there! anyway, not much in my size, but i found lots of stuff for my cute mommy!
get this... i got 3 pairs of pants, and 2 shirts for....................... $25.00!!!! what a shopper i am!
i got to moms office a little early- she in the office manager for an optical office- so i just read some cool magazines about all of the new glasses that you can get!
we went to panda express for lunch! yummy! they have really good orange chicken and their mandarin chicken is good too!
on my way home from moms office, i stopped to see my good friend, kris! we visited for awhile too! it was great to see her! when i am traveling i see her about every other week, but now that i am taking a break from the scrapbook show traveling scene... i was missing her! i had to get my fix! hee hee!
i also brought her a cd with copies of my niagra falls pics and she burned a copy of her pics from the same trip! (well, WE burned the cd... hee hee)
overall, it was a terrific day! visiting with good friends and my wonderful mommy!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
I hope that you had a great day... It was great to chat with you!
I love you and miss you tons!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sweets and Sours

good morning friends!

it is time for my sweets and sours:


my burn still hurts a little. i can tell that it is healing, i am just trying to be careful and keep it from getting infected...

i am really sore from pulling weeds this week. i was using muscles i must not have ever used! serves me right! stupid weeds! :)

i have a blister on the bottom of my foot. every time i go to another sam's club to help with their inventory it seems that i come home with this silly blister. always same place... same blister!

it sure sounds like i am falling apart this week doesn't it?


i pulled weeds! it looks so good. of course i was very tired so i only got done about 1/4 of what i needed to, but still... what i did looks good!

i LOVE my new car! it is so great! yup... LOVE IT!

this weekend is the beginning of the parade of homes here in cache valley. ann, julie and i went last year and loved it, so we wanted to go again this year. the best part is that the extreme makeover: home edition home is going to be in the parade this year! how fun will that be!? to see the inside of this beautiful home! it was so fun to be part of the festivities and building last year (see this link for the complete story... start at the bottom of the page and work your way up...)!
we went to 4 home yesterday and will do a few more today... and then finish up the rest of them next week. so incredibly fun!!!

we are also going yard saling this weekend too! this is the first weekend of the season! bring on the good deals! we are yard sale junkies!!! love them! love the hunt! love the deals!!!

i am loveing the book i am reading right now! so good! it is called new moon! it is the second book in a series called twilight. my good friend maryruth just posted about twilight too. such a great book! not usually my "type" of books... but i am hooked! so so good!

i love the weekends... i love the freedom of doing whatever you want...

ok... what are your sweets and sours for the week? i love your comments.... thanks!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


ok... so i had a little accident! i burned my hand last night! how does it look? i was putting rolls in the oven and as i was pulling my hand out i rubbed up against one of the coils on the top of the oven!

it looks and feels much better today, but yesterday... ouchy! i am gonna have a pretty scar- that is for sure!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sweets and Sours

Hello there! It is time for my Sweets and Sours for the week!

On your mark! Get set! Go!


1. work just keeps getting more and more stressful. we are about 6 weeks away from inventory and i am feeling the stress! you see, we had this bright idea that we would count the entire building 3 time in 5 1/2 months! that is alot! first of all, have you been to sam's club?! there are millions of items! second... we usually count the entire building 5 times the entire year! i was asking a lot of my team, but i knew we could do it! i thought by doing this the audits and numbers would get better and better. not worse. as i told my regional manager, i should have great confidence going into this- knowing that all was going well. i don't.

2. my cute husband is having a hard time at his job too. he is starting to get that 8 month itch! he is feeling the need for a change. too bad we both can't just retire and live on a beach somewhere.

1. WE GOT A NEW CAR!!!!!

ok... so it is not "brand" new! but is is certainly new to us and by far the nicest car we have ever owned!!! we are now the proud owners of a 2003 buick century!!! check it out! so fun!

we have been saving up money for a down deposit since march. the last month or so we have gone "looking". kevin has been so excited he can hardly stand it... he has been so cute!

anyway... today was the designated day (either that or next week if we didn't find anything today). so we went after lunch to test drive a couple of things! this was the first one that i drove today and we fell in love (kevin actually drove it last weekend when i was out of town, so he already had his eye on it)! i told him we needed to test drive a couple more, just to make sure we were making the right decision. yup! it was! we got it!!!!

2. i was able to spend some quality time with my best friend, ann this week. i had gathered some fun souvenirs for her and her roommate, julie at the shows lately. we finally got our schedules to work so we could hang out! it was a super fun evening!

3. did i mention that we bought a beautiful car??!!!

4. i got a fun little package from my cousin carrie! she sent me some neat scrapbook stuff and one of the party favors that she gave out at her fancy graduation tea party! very cool! thanks carrie!

5. one of my friends from church turned 50 today so one of the girls in my youth group and i decided to "heart attack" her! we each cut out our bunches of BLACK hearts out of paper and went over to her home about 11pm last night. we taped them all over her door, windows and home! it was sooooooooooo fun! i love being sneaky like that!

we taped a sign up with all of it that said:

"Happy Birthday Sister Simmons!

50 is pretty old-
so we thought you might want to get you


out of the way now-
in case of problems- don’t forget to call Lindsey and Sister Little- They are true


we then had the mint lifesavers scattered all over her porch! it was so great! she called and "thanked" me this morning!

Happy Weekend! Thanks for letting me share! What are your Sweets and Sours for the week?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

family history fridays (fhf)

ok... so i was on kate's cool site and she is doing "family history fridays". she is going to ask a questions each friday to help us keep our family history...

so here is the question for week one:

~did you go to college?
or take any vocation training?
what and where?

well... i graduated from a jr. college -otero junior college- and recieved my associates degree. i then went to a 4 year school -adams state college- i was going to be an elementary teacher. shortly after i was admitted to the education program i started thinking about going on a mission for my church.

i always intended to go back to school when i came home from my mission but i just never caught that fire again. i did attend utah state unniversity for a semester or two, but i just didn't enjoy it.

in colorado at asc, i really enjoyed the social scene of college. i had some great friends and we did have a great time! leanna, tara, jeff, jim, wendy, mandy, kim, craig, marlo, jeremy... what fun times and memories!


Monday, June 04, 2007

i love...

probably one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had. absolutely incredible!

let's go on a tour... i want to share my pictures with you!

ok, so we went straight to niagra falls from the airport. we really wanted to see them at night, all lit up! the pics didn't turn out very good, but you get the idea!

i had the privilege to experience this with my 2 good friends, kris and richard! what fun!

ok... here we are getting ready for the maid of the mist! this cool boat takes you right below the horseshoe falls! sooooooooooooooo neat! we got these fun blue rain slickers. they have "maid of the mist" on them... of course i kept mine for my scrapbook!

ok... so this is our view from the boat! i didn't take many pics too close cuz it was very wet! and i didn't want to ruin my camera! but check this out... my pic looks just like it! (well, sorta) ya for me!

we then went to the new movie... it is a brand new film about the history of niagra falls! it was very cool. great to get the history of it too!

our next stop was to cave of the winds... at first, i didn't really want to go. i thought it was going to be a tough hike, and it didn't really interest me. kris and richard said that we had time and wanted to go... so sure, let's try it!

they gave us another little rain slicker thing and some cool sandals. and off we go! when we were waiting in line to to we saw people get off the elevator with their pants wet, up to their knees or so... geez, we are going to get wet!

we rode the elevator down about 18 floors worth underground. we then walked through a tunnel and came out below the bridal falls. we walked on a wooden deck/stairs down to the bottom. as we made our way back up the water was getting closer and closer. it was even splashing up onto the deck.

little did we know that we hadn't seen anything yet...

when we got to the last deck, hurricane deck, it was unbelievable! truly hurricane conditions!!! i loved it! i went out to the end several times! kris, richard and i took turns going out! what an adventure! when we were done we were SOAKED! not even kidding! up to my knees nothing! i was drenched all the way up my pants and my shirt was just as bad! so much for my little rain poncho's help! ya right! (i was just glad that i wasn't wearing a white shirt! i might have won the wet t-shirt contest!) :)

i wish this pic had better lighting. you would be able to see the water dripping off of each of us! one of the funnest things i have ever done!

after getting soaked, we wondered to the edge again and found a few more beautiful shots!

this was so wonderful! next time i go i want to go to the canada side and see what is over there! i highly recommend a trip! what fun!

thanks kris! thanks richard! fun memories to last forever!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

i am back!

ok... so i am home... but VERY TIRED! so i will post all about my fantastic weekend tomorrow! so many pictures of niagra falls! can't wait to show you!!!!!

chat with ya tomorrow!