Friday, March 23, 2007

things that make me happy today...

here is a list of things that make me happy today...

1. it is friday! love it! love the weekend! love it all!

2. girl scout cookies! i have a friend that has a girl scout and i have been the delivery girl for all of the orders that i gathered for her. what fun! i love girl scout cookies!

3. spring time! it is beginning to look alot like spring time! ya!

4. my family and friends! i get to see my cute mommy tomorrow! i am soooo excited! i also am going to meet up with a friend of mine from las vegas. i haven't seen her in 2 1/2 years! (hi noe!)

5. babies! i know of at least 6 babies that have been born in the last 2 weeks! i love babies! i want to hold one! (holly, i am going to come over next week and hold your precious little baby... for a long time!... i hope that is ok!)

6. $$ to pay off bills! i got a bonus check yesterday at work and we used most of it to pay off some bills! i am so proud of us! we are acting like grown-ups! that is huge for us! -plus kevin starts his job again on monday! so we will have a steady paycheck again! wahoo!

7. comments on my blog! :) i love it when someone posts a comment on my blog! i promise that i will be better about that!

well... lots of things make me happy today!

what makes you happy?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

how well do you know me?

ok... so i know that i haven't posted in a really long time! i am sorry. i promise that i will give a full account of the happenings this last month soon, but for now i want you to check out this quiz!

my friend maryruth gave me this quiz and i thought it was really cool! so i decided to do it too!

check it out! you can take this test too!

let me know what you think!