Friday, October 27, 2006

the day has arrived! Sunday, 22 October!

this was fun! my mom had come up to spend the weekend with me, so when she got here on sunday i asked here how she felt about waiting from 10 am - 2 pm for the reveal of the house! she said that she was up for it, so off we went!

we left my house about 10 am and went to ann and julies house. we all drove up together so we could get a good spot to watch the excitement begin.

we arrived across the street about 10:30 am and began the wait. we could tell that there were going to be tons of people, so we chose a spot in the back of the area, that way we could have the advantage of being "tall". we stood on buckets (from home), a step stool, a chair and a couple of rocks for about 3 hours!

it was so great! of course when the family arrived we no longer could see anything. not even the gigantic home that was across the street! but the excitment was worth it! we got to see ty pennington!!!!!!!!!!

we bought some tee-shirts and even had ed sign them! what a great day!

look for the episode to air the end of november or first part of december! the pauni family from logan, utah!

here is the log from the site:

We couldn’t have asked for a better grand finale – a picture-perfect blue sky, a completed home, more than 3,000 enthusiastic spectators, and a family thunderstruck by the outpouring of love and support.
Loyal friends and fans gathered six or more hours before the “reveal” to get that coveted front row seat. The crowd was cheery and loud – a sharp difference from the typical peaceful Sunday morning in a Cache Valley neighborhood.
Relatives of the Pauni family – sporting the family T-shirts that have become the big fashion craze in Cache Valley this weekend – filled a bleacher section reserved just for them. In fact, spectators throughout the crowd wore their T-shirts with the simple black-and-white photo design featuring the Pauni family.
Today was as much a celebration of Tongan culture as anything else as dancers of all ages and drummers delighted the crowds just before the Pauni family arrived for the big moment. The sun-warmed street must have been much appreciated by the bare-chested boys and men, and bare-footed dancers.
Everyone in the cast was there to greet the family – Ty, Tracy, Preston, Ed and Tanya – along with the Kartchner Homes build team. The Pauni family emerged triumphantly from their limousine and the crowd noise was spectacular. The children jumped and hugged each other, the little five-year-old boy busted out his dance moves, and tears filled the eyes not just of Janet, the mother, but of many of the spectators.
The emotional pitch intensified when everybody shouted the trademark, “Move that bus!”
The reveal certainly did not disappoint – You’ll see all of the action when the episode airs (trust us: you won’t want to miss this!). The family was more than anxious to tour their new home and we hope nobody got lost in their first trip. (Again, you’ll have to tune into the episode to see exactly how beautiful this home is.)
The marathon efforts – all the sweat and tears, the sleepless nights, the planning, and prayers – paid off today in a wonderful outpouring of love and generosity. Cache Valley will long remember this week. The felling here today was the icing on the cake
“This will be a lifetime change,” Janet Pauni said. Indeed, not just for her family but for our entire community. Thank you, Cache Valley!

Saturday, 21 October

here is the log from site:

It’s Saturday night and, as scheduled, the Pauni home is complete. Kartchner Homes actually accomplished the task a bit ahead of this amazing timeline – about six hours so! Landscapers, helped along by students from Utah State University’s landscape architecture program, worked through last night and, by this morning, crowned the new home with a magnificent yard. By the afternoon, furniture was being brought into the home. Now, we’re nearly ready to welcome the Pauni family back to Logan!
Surprise, awe, wonder and pride have filled many moments this week, but today even many of us who just have learned about this special family in a matter of a few days were touched by the strong emotional ties that have sustained this family through happy and sad moments. Though the Pauni family has been far away this week, many relatives have volunteered at the site each day, bringing their friends as well. In the Tongan heritage, everybody becomes family.
As the finishing touches were being placed on the new home, we met with Milo, the sister of the late Danny Pauni, the much beloved father and husband of the family. Milo traveled nearly 90 miles from Salt Lake to Logan to see the home. The sight of this new home – which will be complete once her sister-in-law and the children return tomorrow – brought her to tears.
“I have been very close to my sister-in-law through her struggles. I have helped her as much as I can. This is such a blessing for her family and mine,” Milo said.
We’ve come to learn so much about the Pauni family this week but Milo shed light on what it really means to be family. Love truly goes well beyond the comforting boundaries of a house. The eldest son of the Pauni family was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints when his father died suddenly in 2004. The son had decided to return home to help his mother make financial ends meet. At the same time, Milo’s son was about to be released from his military obligations. Milo’s son committed more time to the military to help ease the burden for Janet Pauni and her family and to allow the oldest son to finish his LDS mission.
Milo’s words of grace and love have resonated with us. This new home will not only bless the Danny and Janet Pauni family but these blessings will extend to all those who have helped this family. Kartchner Homes, along with the community in Cache Valley, have eased the burden off many shoulders this week. We are fortunate indeed to share in this most powerful and sustainable meaning of family.
“I did not expect to see this big beautiful home. I cannot describe how grateful we are. We will never be able to repay this,” Milo said. “I have never seen anything so amazing in my whole life.”
The past week has been an unforgettable experience for us in Cache Valley. Even more significant than the opportunity to be involved with a nationally popular television show, we have learned what the gifts of grace and love really are. We have seen so many step forward, offering selflessly their time, their skills and their resources. For many, the ordinary time of business stopped temporarily because we believed that community service offers the greatest rewards. And, we still need you. This unprecedented project has involved more people in Cache Valley than any other activity in recent memory but we want to ensure that the Pauni family can move forward, free finally of the struggles that they have faced so graciously.
“We have done everything humanly possible,” Nate Webb, escrow officer of Cache Title Company and director of donations for the project, said. “We have exhausted every outlet we know. If you have the ability to donate, please come forward. We need you.”
The Pauni Family is anxious to return and to thank their neighbors and friends, old and new. Milo said, “we came over here from the little island of Tonga to such a nice place and we have received so many blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
And, we thank you for your continuing support

Friday, 20 October

ann, julie, kevin and i went down to the house site after dinner friday night. it was amazing how much had been done since i was there the previous morning! i am sooo impressed with all of those who put their own lives on hold to help the pauni family. i am very blessed to live in such a great community.

here is the log for friday's activities from the site:

OK, we’re just a day and half away from (drum roll please) … “Move that bus!”
Autumn in Cache Valley can be unpredictable and last night, workers battled through a pretty significant rainstorm that persisted occasionally into this afternoon. But, apparently, everything is still going as scheduled in this carefully choreographed ballet of How to Build a Dream Home in Just One Week. Hey, at least, it wasn’t snow! (Yes, we have had white Halloweens.)
Remember when just three days ago, the Pauni home was demolished. Well, today, we can give you a brief perspective on what has happened since our unforgettable “Braveheart” moment Tuesday. And, most importantly, keep in mind that speed is nowhere near as critical as the attention to quality, which Kartchner Homes has insisted on maintaining in this project. How they have managed to orchestrate these continuously rotating crews of skilled trades and crafts workers is almost beyond comprehension. And, to make it even more impressive, that they have managed to accomplish this with the most rigorous safety standards possible.
Let’s start with the foundation. Usually the foundation is poured and the framing usually starts no earlier than five days afterward. For this project, they waited just four hours. The cement they pour is an eight-bag mix, which basically means the substance is thicker and more condensed. By the way, calcium is added into the mix to quicken the cure time. Pretty ingenious and in just about 3½ percent of the time!
Next, came the framework. On a house of this size (hint: tune into the episode to find out just how large it really is), framing would normally take three weeks. So, how long did it take to frame the new Pauni family home? Only 19 hours! (Today’s homework: Calculate the percentage of time saved.)
Then, the home’s exterior became the focus. Spectators have been cooing about the beautiful masonry and copper touches (more about those later). The masonry for this size of a home would typically take two to three weeks but this EXTREME crew did it in … you guessed it, 12 hours. How is that possible!? “We had 50 people working on the rock work at the same time and those guys flew through it,” Craig Saunders, Kartchner Homes’ construction project manager, said.
With every feature, there is beauty and function. The copper roofing, for example, is perfect for Utah homes because the roof allows snow to slip and melt off slowly and avoids possible roof leaks or cave-ins resulting from large piles of snow sitting on the surfaces.
Sheet rocking a house of these dimensions also is no small task. This process may require two-and-a-half weeks as it must be hung, mudded, textured, sanded, dried and painted. For this EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION project, builders completed this assignment in just eight hours!
Today, spectators saw a lot of the crew working to shingle the home. The shingles took 14 hours, again a job that generally takes two to three days.Painting also was scheduled to be finished today but below-normal temperatures and the rain-chilled air hampered the ideal drying time for paint. The good news is that sunshine is expected to return tomorrow to Logan, and, particularly, for the big reveal on Sunday. Oh … To paint a home of this size it would normally take about three weeks. These dedicated and well-coordinated crews, however, accomplished the job within eight hours.The finishing work on a new home is normally quite tedious because it usually takes a month to complete. This phase includes the wood trimming of baseboards and doors aswell as the doorframes, molding and all of the cabinetry. The wood was pre-stained and cabinetry pre-made, so this task took the construction crew about three and a half hours.All of the plumbing, electrical and heating regularly would be finished in one week's time. For this EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION project, it was about 10 hours! The wood floors in this home took only six and a half hours.Keep in mind, however, that these amazing statistics of speed are only possible because Kartchner Homes has worked tirelessly with the Cache Valley construction industry to assemble countless scores of skilled workers who know in their hearts and minds why working together for a good community cause can happen in projects like these.Like these hardy construction crews, don't let a rainy day get you down and we hope that you can still join us in contributing to this spectacular community project.

Thursday, 19 October

i was able to be a VIP this morning! it was sooooo fun! i saw ed sanders... he said hi to ME! really, i was the only one around and he looked straight at me and said hello! i took lots of pics!

here is thursday's log from

Hey, Cache Valley and loyal fans of the show, the Pauni house is quickly transforming into a home. The framing was completed late last night. The early morning hours were spent putting the siding, rock and wood on the exterior of the home.
Beginning at 4 this afternoon, 80 Utah State University landscape architecture students will donate their time and skills to create a gorgeous yard fit to compliment this dream home. And, like the construction crews, they will accomplish in two days what it usually takes three weeks to finish.
Designer Ed Sanders had a lot to say about the family, the community and the home. Asked about his favorite aspect of the show, Ed said that “It’s hard to say. There are so many, but, first, it’s about the family. However, we could not do this without the volunteers.”
Ed added that “of the eighty some ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ episodes,” Logan, Utah is only the second city to throw a benefit concert for the family. This is just another way for a community to show its support for its well-deserving neighbors.
When we asked Ed if there was anything in particular about this episode that sets it apart from the rest, he said that “the sheer size and scope of this beautiful house makes this episode stand out.”
"Kartchner Homes has gone above and beyond the call of duty,” he added. And, it seems, that just about every Cache Valley resident is doing the same.
In just 48 hours, spectators, volunteers, and the veritable army of construction and skilled workers have witnessed what the speed and power of community involvement is already accomplishing. The excitement continues to build to a crescendo which will certainly echo throughout Cache Valley on Sunday when the Pauni family’s new home is revealed.
Meanwhile, the community campaign continues. And, we know that Utah’s residents – proud of its number one rank in the nation for community service and volunteer efforts –continue to answer the call. There’s still time and remember every donation or service project, no matter how large or small, counts in the small valley with a big heart!
Thursday Evening
Television cannot possibly document all the hard work and dedication it takes to pull off such an incredible project.
The totally focused production and construction crews working round the clock may seem like super heroes but even super heroes have to eat. And to keep the crews going at “battle speed,” Cache Valley restaurants have donated plenty of food. The crews are fed four times a day and are never short of snacks.
An estimated three hundred people are fed breakfast, lunch, dinner and a 10 p.m. snack. And, between the meals, there are sandwiches. “We are doing everything we can to keep our crews happy and energetic,” Andi Saxton, director of food services, said.
On the site you will see volunteers constantly carrying around baskets of food and energy drinks to the workers. Volunteers also dutifully pick up what remains after a crowd of three hundred trumps in and out of the food tent four-plus times a day.
What we have seen behind the scenes is plenty of good old-fashioned Utah generosity. It seems almost impossible to explain the absolute scramble and rush of volunteers and workers. In this Logan neighborhood, everybody and everything is moving at Mach-like speed.
This spirit of generosity has infused everybody. A little girl came to the site as a spectator and asked where she could take her money. We looked down and this young girl had $400 in her hands! She said she sold plates of cookies around her neighborhood and we thought, wow, she must have sold a lot of cookies. The young contributor said, “Well, I charged fifteen bucks a plate for them.” A smart cookie! (pun definitely intended!)
It’s no longer just a housing construction project. With each hour, it is looking like a dream home, especially as a crew of young, energetic landscapers began their work this evening. The crowds seem to grow well into the evening hours. Two hundred fifty or three hundred spectators at any one moment is a conservative estimate. Even at 3 or 4 a.m., there is a hardy corps of 30 or so bystanders, eagerly absorbing this incredible metamorphosis. Even when one of the well-known designers walks by, the crowd erupts immediately into cheers.
Anyone who enters Cache Valley is instantly treated like family. And, when the community heard that it was Ty’s birthday, a birthday cake, balloons, and cards showed up at the construction site. Like we said before, everybody is always welcome in Cache Valley.
Please keep up the good work. Even as the weekend approaches, much is left to be done and let’s all of us stretch even a little more to help the well-liked Pauni family.

Wednesday, 18 October

wednesday's log from

OK, loyal fans and many curious observers, here’s the scoop on the rapidly emerging Pauni home. It’s just past mid-afternoon, and – can you believe – it already looks like a home!Last night was clear and frosty but builders and volunteers worked around the clock working to pour the home’s foundation. Today, these builders – with so much to do in such a short time – are redefining the concept of multitasking. While one construction crew poured cement for the driveway, others put in the footings for the home’s framework.The ordinarily quiet street crackled with the energy of an entire town as trucks, bulldozers, cranes, spectators, volunteers, and scores of workers moved with excitement. It hardly seemed possible that workers even stopped for lunch or for a quick snack. But, the Pauni family returns Sunday and a new home will await them.The crowd speculated with one another about just how big this home will be as truck after truck hauled materials in for the new home’s frame. Many seemed satisfied at simply this wonderful exhibition of Cache Valley’s construction industry at its finest.Mea Harris, a close friend of the family, said this family is definitely deserving of a new home. She recalled that one daughter moved into the room of another daughter because pieces of the ceiling were falling down on her as she slept. Harris said the old Pauni home was literally falling apart. The family has been working so hard to pay off this home that each member of the family has been contributing their earnings to pay down the mortgage. Harris said the family would like to thank the community for all they have done; their hearts are full of gratitude.Volunteers and spectators were equally excited to be on the set of this incredible project. One volunteer said, “my granddaughter said I can’t leave until I get an autograph from Ty.”The best sight is a community coming together so quickly and from so many directions. If you get a chance, come to the site – when you’re here, remember all the work, materials, food, and time has been donated by your neighbors, friends, coworkers, colleagues, teachers, and students and just about everybody else in the valley. When we say – “A Community United to Build a Home” – we mean it! And, donations are being accepted round the clock (just look for the donation link on this website).“This is amazing!” Allison Furniss, a Utah State University public relations senior working on community relations for the project, said. “Yesterday, it was a house. Last night, it was a hole and, this afternoon, there are walls and concrete. We are witnessing the birth of a new home.”

Wednesday Evening
The Pauni home is going up quickly in just a matter of days, but we have learned that the construction progress over the last two days equals a month and a half’s worth of work! It is incredible what the force of community spirit can accomplish! Things are moving so quickly that if you turn your head, you might just have missed another wall going up.There have been about 150 workers working on the home at any one given time all day. Cranes are lifting the framework and placing it on the house, while trucks are backing out in and around the home. Amid the symphony of hammering and nailing sounds, these builders literally have hundred things going all at once.“Windows are in, and, within a couple of hours, the framing will be complete, and we have plumbing and electric work about to start,” said Troy Kartchner, builder and project head.A benefit concert was held at the Utah State University Spectrum, featuring musical guests Isaac Hayden, Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband and Polynesian dancers to honor the culture of the Pauni family. The concert was a great success – a big thanks to those who came to show their support. Each donation will lift a little weight off Janet Pauni’s shoulders as she tries to support her family of nine children.The concert had a cool vibe because you knew everyone was there because tonight they truly cared about a fellow Cache Valley neighbor and her family. T-shirts featuring a photo of the Pauni family and a list of all those who have been working to make the dream home a reality were a popular item at the show. Many put the shirts on immediately after purchasing them.It was a little chilly but the late afternoon sun didn’t stop concertgoers from enjoying a warm-up party juts outside of the Spectrum. Served like a tailgate, the party’s food and refreshments were donated and all proceeds will go to the family. The event was perfect for volunteers who did not have a chance to be involved directly at the construction site.Builders and volunteers will continue to work around the clock to stay on schedule. This is truly a unique event in Cache Valley so involve yourself any way you can, and be a part of this EXTREME experience. It may just change you life.Thanks, Cache Valley! Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, 17 October

Tuesday's log from kartchnerhomes. com:

Today, a good-sized Cache Valley crowd – in a sea of blue “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” shirts and hard hats – answered the morning call at 7a.m. and stormed the site of the Pauni home. Loyal EMHE viewers know this as the “Braveheart” shot. You’ve seen it before but this moment always contains great emotion, as the community gathers behind leader and carpenter Ty Pennington, marching and cheering for the amazing home project to begin.Clearly, residents at the top of Utah were excited to help the Pauni family and even a bit more excited to see – you guessed it – Ty!Many people were touched as builder, Troy Kartchner of Kartchner Homes, gave a heartfelt speech. Troy said the real hero is not himself but rather the crowd surrounding him, willing and ready to help someone else’s dream come true. Immediately afterward, Ty gave his trademark shout out to the Pauni family, promising them that, come Sunday, they will have a home to be proud of and one that will make life a little easier. Ty directed the camera toward the crowd, showing family members – who are right now far away from the site – that their community is behind them.The demolition began immediately. Companies from Cache Valley, northern Utah, and southeastern Idaho have donated their materials, skill and their time to tear down this house and to build a magnificent replacement. Bulldozers quickly demolished the house as a parade of trucks hauled away the debris. Soon, the only remaining sign of the Pauni home was a cloud of dust that dissipated throughout the neighborhood as a steady crowd of onlookers watched the action. Before the last truck left the neighborhood, workers prepared for the marathon construction project that would start that evening.The Design Team – Ty Pennington, Ed Sanders, Preston Sharp, Tanya McQueen and Tracy Hutson – were all present for the demolition of the home, much to the delight of spectators. The crowd gathered just across the street from the site – expert “staro-meters” – knowing instantly when a design team member ventured close to the crowd. A couple of designers happily obliged eager fans with autographs, handshakes, and words of appreciation for their support and hospitality.Just as prevalent were representatives of the press – local and statewide – which proves that, even today, good news is always welcomed by readers and viewers.

Monday, 16 October

here is the daily recap for 10/16 on

Day 2 of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Cache Valley brought a couple of pleasant surprises for local residents.
Extreme Makeover’s own Ed Sanders surprised students at Logan High and Adams Elementary during morning assemblies organized by the Utah State University’s team of public relations representatives for the popular ABC show. Ed charmed the enthusiastic students with his British accent and humor. It seemed to be the perfect touch as students received flyers and learned about the upcoming events that will celebrate Cache Valley’s community spirit and the well-deserved selection of the Pauni family.
Loyal fans know that Day 2 is the time to move out the family’s belongings in preparation for tomorrow’s demolition. An efficient and hard-working crew from Utah State University’s Latter-Day Saints Students Association accomplished that task in good form.
As spectators stood by anxiously awaiting the start of this once-in-a-lifetime dream home project and, of course, a few celebrities, a few patient fans were lucky enough when Extreme Makeover’s Preston Sharp stopped by to shake hands and chat for a few moments.
Cache Valley is a tight-knit community and considering the Pauni family has nine children and a hard-working mother who are well known and well liked, volunteers are stepping up from every corner of the valley, delighted to help make this dream come true. There are many great opportunities to share in this fantastic community experience so don’t hesitate to sign up today!

extreme makeover: home edition in logan! Sunday 15 October

hello there family and friends!

extreme makeover: home edition was i logan last week! what an exciting week! the abc team knocked on the pauni family's door on sunday october 15, 2006! my birthday! it was soooooo exciting! i wanted to share a little bit with you so i borrowed some info from! please check out the site! it is an amazing process!

here are some excerpts from the kartchner site:

"Pauni family members – all 10 of them – were pleasantly surprised this crisp fall morning when a knock from ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition at their door announced they had been selected out of five nominated families for a dream home project.
“The kids were so excited. They all ran to the door at once, and my little one got so squished in all the excitement that now he has a broken finger,” said Janet Pauni, mother of nine children.
The celebration was an emotional moment for Janet, who said, with tears welling up in her eyes, “it will be a lifetime change.”
The family handled quite well the barrage of questions from reporters who had gathered to get their reaction and the community’s to the famous “door knock” of the popular ABC show. One of the younger brothers said, “I don’t really care what I get. I just want my mom to have something nice.”
Another brother said, “I think this will be a big weight lifted off my mother’s shoulders. She has worked so hard. Without her, we would not be where we are today.”
It was unlike any other Sunday morning for the Pauni family. One of the brothers said, “Man, I’ve done like four interviews, isn’t that enough?” Being shy, however, was not an issue for the five-year-old Pauni brother, who gleefully busted out his dance moves for the crowds and the cameras.
The spirit of love and generosity warmed the cool morning at the Pauni home. The Kartchner Homes build team embraced each member of the Pauni family. Janet, the mother, was clearly moved, expressing her gratitude to every member of the build team.
After an unforgettable day, the family left Cache Valley this evening for a cruise, and will return on Sunday, Oct. 22 to their new home.
Like the Pauni family, friends, neighbors, associates, school children, and community members throughout Cache Valley are excited about this dream project and about the many upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, and community projects that will be a celebration of the love and generosity so apparent at this morning’s door knock. There are so many ways you can share this week’s excitement so don’t hesitate to sign up today!"