Friday, July 23, 2010

one week old...

Happy Birthday my sweet little girl!!
One week old today!!
there are so many things i want to remember about this first week of your life, so i am going to share them here...* i was in labor for about 24 hours, but only realized it 5 hours in...
* you were born c-section
* your dad held you first and i am convinced it was love at first sight for him. :)
* i cried when i heard you cry for the first time. you were finally here, and i was so happy!
* you had hair!! something we didn't think would be the case! we thought you would be bald for sure!
* feeding you for the first time was an amazing experience. it was also the first time i was able to hold you.
* you nanny and papa were at the hospital when you were born. and they saw you for the first time in the nicu window when dad was helping clean you up.
* you are beautiful. no doubt in my mind, you are truly the most beautiful baby ever!
* and you look JUST LIKE YOUR DAD!!
(see below pics) :)
Kevin is on the left... Abbi on the right.

* you are a very sweet baby
* everyone at the hospital was very nice to us! they all loved you!
* it took us a few days to figure out how to feed you.
* you have a short fuse when it comes to feeding time... you want food and you want it now!! :)
* i fall in love all over again with you everytime you look into my eyes!
* your daddy loves to hold you! and everytime he does he says... "you are so pretty"! i hear him say that alot! it is so true! you are soooo pretty! and i love watching your dad fall in love with you more and more each time he looks at you!
* you have long fingers and toes... not sure where you got those from!
* we all struggled (mom, dad and nanny) your first night home. we lovingly refer to that night as "black monday". :) i felt so bad because we just couldn't figure out how to help you eat. you were not happy. i think you got the most sleep out of all of us. there were tears shed by all... happy and sad. :)
* after meeting with a lactation specialist the next morning, we made huge progress in helping you eat! new binkies and bottle tops! what a difference! wahoo!!
* you have started to lift your little head up and look around when you are laying on my shoulder. you don't want to miss anything going on around you!
* you have changed your routine about 10 times in the last few days. :)
* my favorite time of the day is after you have eaten and you snuggle up in a little ball on my chest and we just snuggle. it melts me everytime.
* gas or no gas, you smile quite often at us. i believe it is a true smile. and it the most precious thing i have ever seen!
* and... you do have gas. i feel bad your little tummy is hurting. we are giving you drops to help you feel better with it.
* you are such a sweet baby, pretty relaxed majority of the time
* you make lots little cooing noises while you sleep
* we love that you are a cuddle bug... just like mom and dad :)
* you are a very pretty baby. and we all love to just look at you
* you have the most beautiful blue eyes
* when you are looking around at everything you usually have your little hands and feet crossed
* all of the family came over for a one week birthday party for you tonight! they even had presents and birthday cupcakes for you! you were so good! just chilled outside with us!
* when i am around you, i feel closer to my Heavenly Father
* i am so grateful to be your momma
* you are perfect in every way
* you are healthy and strong
* you are loved by so many people
* you are our miracle and we thank Heavenly Father each moment for you

sweet little abbi, you are truly an amazing little girl and your dad and i love you more and more each day! you are beautiful and perfect. sweet and loving.

love you forever,
mom and dad

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Abbigail Grace Little...

she is here!!!
we are very proud to announce...
Abbigail Grace Little
Born Friday July 16, 2010 at 5pm
She weighed 8 lbs 5 oz
20 1/2 inches long

we couldn't be more happy! she is an amazing little girl!
and in all honesty... the most beautiful baby on the planet! we are totally in love!
i will share abbi's arrival story later, but for now just enjoy her cuteness. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

39 1/2 weeks...

hi! i am still here! :) i thought i better update this before our sweet baby arrives...
things are going pretty well! we moved! a few bits of craziness here and there, but overall it was very successful! we are still living amongst a million boxes, but that will change someday! :)
i have about 3-4 boxes left in the kitchen, just not sure where they are gonna go. this new home is smaller than our other one so it is an adjustment to find places for everything. lots of trips to the DI! the bedroom is full of boxes that i need to sort through. i am going to have my scrapbook area in the bedroom, so that is going to be an adjustment too. my project today is try and get the scrapbook stuff somewhat sorted so that i can move my bed the way i want it and make room for the baby's bassinet. (i am being super careful and leaving the heavy stuff for kevin and mom to do when kevin gets home tonight). :)
i am feeling pretty good too. my due date is in 3 days, but i am thinking she will just come when she wants to. i feel her moving lots during the day and that is fun! she loves music. always starts dancing when she hears it. :) so cute!
my feet are in a constant state of swollen, but i try to rest every little bit and prop them up. i am hot all of the time, but that is normal too... i am normally hot in the summer, add baby and i am really feeling the heat! :)
i am still able to sleep on my tummy, at least most of the time. but i have to ease into it. if i go straight to my stomache the baby starts knocking telling me she doesn't like it! :) so i go slow... back, side and then tummy! she is ok with that! :)
kevin and i went through all of her stuff last weekend and found all of the 0-3 months cloths. i washed them this week and am trying to pick a outfit out to bring her home in. :) so fun! and so crazy! next week this time i could have a little sweet baby in my arms! wow...
well, i better get back to moving stuff... just wanted everyone to know i was doing well. :)