Friday, September 28, 2007

crazy 8's

Crazy 8's!!!

8 things I'm passionate about:
my family
the gospel of Jesus Christ
love and friendship
my birthday
laughing and life!
8 things I want to do before I die:
go on a cruise
take kevin to hawaii
road trip with ann
spend a week crafting
meet more of my dad's side of the family
ensure that my family knows that i love them
own a home
be debt free
8 things I say often:
hi there!
i love you soooooooo much
are you kidding me?
i would love to...
i don't wanna...
give me that remote!
see ya...
8 books I've recently read:
new moon
anything by anita stansfield
jake by jack weyland
pampered chef catalog
everyone's blogs
8 songs I could listen to over and over:
your man - josh turner
i've finally found someone - bryan adams, barbara streisand
home - chris daughtry
because you loved me - celine dion
wind beneath my wings - bette midler
Jesus take the wheel - carrie underwood
brass bed - josh gracin
i am a child of God - lds children's hymnbook
8 things that attract me to my best friends:
they care about me
they listen
they appreciate me for me
they laugh at my jokes
they confide in me- let me be part of their life
they make me feel like i am important to them
i have a great time with them... doing whatever!
8 things Ive learned this past year:
i am stronger than i gave myself credit
blogging friends are important
my family is forever... whether we like it or not!
take one day at a time
cherish each day and moment that is in it
sometimes it is ok to say no
i don't enjoy cooking as much as i thought i did
i get frustrated with clutter... sometimes
8 people I think should do Crazy 8's

Thursday, September 27, 2007

random thoughts

i am feeling a little random today... so here are my thoughts...

~ i love blogs! i feel like i actually "know" all of you! (well... some of you, i do know!) isn't it great!?

~ i have to go to a corn maze tonight with the young women/young men in our ward. i am not really looking forward to it... not a fan of corn mazes...

~ kid nation... love it! have you watched it? i think it is pretty cool!

~ i could/should do a whole post on "my" tv shows! i watch several, but then again, there are lots that i don't watch...
hmmm.. another post!

~ i cannot wait until monday! october !!! i think it is the best month of the whole year! wahoo!!!!

~ i have a huge surprise for my husband for his birthday/christmas! i can't tell you now... just in case he will read this... but let me just say... it is HUGE! he will love it!

~ i love playing bunco! i never really told my story about the first bunco that we had a few weeks ago! it was really fun! there were only a few girls that knew how to play, but everyone caught on fast! i think/hope that everyone had a good time! our next one is the week before my birthday! i can't wait! bunco... so fun!

well, i think my random thoughts have come to an end...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

gonna be a bear...

this sounds like one of the best ideas.... ever!!!
yup... i am gonna be a bear!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


do you ever feel so overcome with gratitude that you are brought to tears?
i do, right now. i have been thinking about friendships and the importance they play in my life. i can't help but feel grateful for the friendships that i am a part of.
i was cleaning out some things today and i came across some old cards, letters and notes. i think it started my thinking...
do you have a life-altering moment?
one moment in time that changed you forever?
i have a few...
* the moment that i met ann miller. she is someone that helped me become who i am today. i have thought about her, or talked to her everyday since i was 8 years old. i heard a quote in a movie that said... "without her, i don't make sense". i believe that.
* my decision to move to logan, utah. i never fully understood why i decided logan. i had never been here before, i just felt that i was supposed to be here. there have many times in my 11 years here that i said to myself... "this is why i am in logan".
* i chose to serve a mission. i have said many times that that choice was the best decision (in addition to marrying kevin) i have ever made. the gospel, the people, the love, the friendships.
* the moment i met kevin little. i always wondered if i was really supposed to get married. when i met him in knew i was not only supposed to get married, i was meant to marry him.
i am feeling a little sentimental tonight. gratitude, if you will...
thanks, to each of you, for making a difference to me.
i am forever grateful!
you are my "sweets" this week.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i am having a party!!!!

ok... so i am hosting a pampered chef catalog show! and all of you are invited!

the guest special this month is :

cookbooks and seasoning mixes for only $15!

if you need to get anything or can't resist the special, let me know by October 1st! this is going to be so fun!!

Check out the catalog online and let me know what you want to order!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

5 whole years!

last thursday was my 5 year anniversary at sam's club. it is a pretty big accomplishment!

i just got my 5 year pin and certificate. oh.. and my new 5 year name badge! i feel pretty special!

i don't think that i have ever had a job for that long! wow! go me!!! i did work at walmart before my mission and i was there for 4 1/2 years, but never more than that!

i really enjoy my job, most of the time. i work with a great group of people and have made lasting friendships.

in the 5 years that i have worked at sam's club, i have had 3 general managers, over 20 assistant/area managers, worked in 3 areas and have cross-trained in an additional 6 departments! only 4 people out of my original 25 people orientation/training still work there! and one of them is currently on my team!

i started off as a part-time cashier. i was hired on 9/13/02 and our brand new club didn't open until 10/10/02. about 3 months into my job i was taken to full-time. after 8 months as a cashier i was promoted to a c.o.s. (check out supervisor), however, it was a part-time position. i quickly became full-time again and worked in this position for about 2 years. in april of 2005 i was offered the position of audit lead. this job was a great opportunity for me. i was now in charge of the entire inventory for the club. i came into the position at a great time. they were heading into the "inventory season".

even with the stress of that i still felt like i was the lucky one. i said often, "i was just given better hours, less stress and more money!". who could ask for anything more.

in the 2 1/2 years that i have been the audit lead i have worked with 6 different associates. it has definitely been a roller coaster ride some days, but for the most part, i am happy. i have a great team right now and i appreciate all that they do to make my job easier! thanks colleen and ann! i couldn't do it without you!

and thanks sam's club! i am proud to be a part of your team!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

the final decision...

ok... down to 3 options...

which one do i choose?

sing with me now!

ok... think of the tune
"it's beginning to look alot like christmas. everywhere we go.... "
got it in your head?
good! now substitute these words...
"it's beginning to look alot like
jen-nie's birthday
everywhere we go.
the leaves are beginning to fall
the presents are being wrapped
i'll be i'll be i'll be thirty five!!! "
i have been singing this song for my birthday since i was 16 years old! of course, each year i would change the age. i am not sure where it came from, other than i just love my birthday!
the official countdown has begun!
holly, thanks for remindinig me!
come on everybody!
sing with me now!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm leavin...

on a jet plane!
i am on my way to phoenix, arizona for a scrapbook show with
i will be back on sunday afternoon and will try to post shortly there after!
hey, check out my birthday countdown! pretty cool! i am officially counting down on friday. i have to wait until after my mom's birthday before i can start counting. family "rule". hee hee!
have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


was amazing!!!
i will post more later...
so much fun!!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sweets and Sours

what a fabulous weekend i have had! i am going to share everything in my "sweets and sours" format!


* my house is still a bit of a mess. i just am not finding the time or the energy to do anything about it.

* it is sunday afternoon, at that means that my weekend is almost over! i don't want it to be over!

* i don't really like the color of polish on my toes... (more later... on my "sweet" list)


* my mom was here all weekend! we had so much fun! her birthday is on thursday (9/13) so she came up this weekend to celebrate with us! here is what we did!

* i bought my mom her first pair of sandals! at least the first pair in the last decade! she is not really a sandal wearer... but i wanted to get her some to show off her new pedicure!!!....

* we went and got pedicures together! it was so much fun! we sat in these comfy chairs that had little back massage things on them while our "girls" worked on our feet! so great! i got a salmon colored pink... that i don't really like (see sours), but my mom got her favorite color... purple! she had them put pink sparkles on too! she is very very cute!

* while we were waiting for our toes to dry we decided to go to the bead shop! oh my goodness! the entire shop is as big as my living room, however, my mom and i were there for over 1 1/2 hours! it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun! we spent a good chunk of money, but it was worth every penny!

* of course since we bought so many beads, we had to go to michael's and get some little storage bins for all of them...

* for dinner we (mom, kevin, ann, julie and i) went to iggy's. it was really good. none of us had been there before and it was fun to try new stuff! the "chili water" that they serve with the bread is absolutely amazing! i wanted to buy some for home, but i forgot. i am going to have to go back!
* mom and i stayed up until after 11pm (for any of you who know me, that is VERY VERY LATE for me... usually in bed by 8pm!!!) making jewelry! mom loves to make earrings and she made several cool pairs. i am more of a bracelet girl, so i made about 5 bracelets! wow... love it! matter of fact, when i am done posting, that is what i am going to go do... make some more bracelets!

* oh... i also got my passport yesterday in the mail! kris, i guess we could of gone to mexico this month after all.... oh well... we will have a great time in january too! i can't wait!

* i asked my mom to be my photographer for our christmas card photo, so after church, we had a little photo shoot. i am hoping that i have a good one in the mix...

i need your help in choosing my pic... which one do you like? i will crop them and maybe change the coloring a bit... but overall picture... which one do i choose?

thanks for all of your help! hope your weekend was fun too!

Friday, September 07, 2007

check me out!

i admit...
i am very faithful about getting haircuts. not only does it keep my hair healthy, i love the feeling of a new look. well, without fail, i got a new haircut! it is cute!

anyway... just wanted to tell ya...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

count down to bunco!

ok... i am getting ready for my first bunco night! i have subbed a couple of times and loved it so much i decided to start my own group!

our first night will be next tuesday night! i am getting so excited!

it will be at my home first, and that means that i am in charge of dinner and prizes. for dinner i think that i am going to do hawaiian haystacks. they are very yummy and fun to make!

i love the color lime green... so i am making everything that color for the bunco group... the travel bug is a lime green fuzzy dice. the table dice are green. plates, napkins, cups... lime green. i am going to put the treats for the tables in green bowls... etc...

but i am not sure what to do for the prizes... any ideas?

the 2 times that i subbed the prizes were really fun.... summer stuff, and bath and body works...

what are your ideas? i need to get prizes in the following price ranges:



$15 i need 2 of this price range

$5 i need 7 of this price range

any ideas?

Monday, September 03, 2007

happy labor day!

so what is labor day? don't get me wrong... i am not complaining... just not sure where it comes from...

anyway... my lesson went ok yesterday. i only had about 15 minutes to give it. we had lots going on yesterday....

have i mentioned that one of the guys that used to work with me at sam's club moved in with us? yup... he is trying to move home to washington soon, but needed more time to get all of the loose ends tied up here first. he will probally be here about 6-8 weeks.

i am almost done with my christmas cards! wahoo! i am going to have my mom take some pictures of us this weekend for them and that'll be it... for the most part! i like to make cards, but if i wait too long in the season i get a bit stressed and nothing gets done! so i start early every year!

all right... enjoy your holiday!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sweets and Sours

hello my friends!

it is time for "sweets and sours"!


* i am very very tired right now! i got up at 2am in order to be at work at 3am! wow... needing some sleep.

* i have to teach a lesson tomorrow in young women's on the sacredness of procreation.... wow... great topic huh?

wish me luck....


* i am going to bed soon.

* yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of princess diana's death. i really liked her. i remember watching her get married when i was a little girl! it was every girls dream to be a princess and this girl did it! how cool!

what were you doing when you found out that she had died? i was working at coach house gifts with my good friend noelani. we both were so upset when we found out that we cried. it was a hard night...

anyway... i remember her with fondness, that is why she is on my sweets...

* i have lots of other good things that are going on right now, i am just so tired i can't think of them...

for now... jennie