Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a moment of time...

i have so many great stories to tell...

~ a quick trip to idaho falls to see some great friends

~ fun young women's activity

~ cleaning success story

~ cell phone drama

so much to tell... so little time tonight! i promise i will fill you in soon!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gordon B. Hinckley

June 23, 1910 - January 27, 2008

"There is nothing as energizing, as confidence-building, as sustaining the power of love."

-Gordon B. Hinckley

"Let us from this day forward be a little better, love one another a little more, treat one another with greater kindness and look to God and live."

-Gordon B. Hinckley

This great man, a Prophet of God, has been one of the greatest examples we will ever see.

Thank God for Him and the love he taught us all.

I will miss Him...

Friday, January 25, 2008

sweets and sours

i know it is a little early for sweets and sours... but i wasn't sure if i would have time tomorrow...
* i have to put away my christmas stuff tomorrow... i was supposed to do it a couple of weeks ago and just wasn't "feeling" it... so, i have to do it now... i love my tree and am very sad to put it away...
* my cell phone died this week. i am surprised as to how much i rely on it!
* i get to put away my christmas stuff tomorrow... it will be nice to have my house back! :)
* my cell phone died this week... luckily i still have my old one. so i am using it until i figure out what happened to my phone or get it fixed/buy a new one.
* i just got back from a movie! my best friend, ann, and her roommate went with me to go see 27 dresses. very cute! could have done without a few of the swear words... but it was a really cute story line and the leading man is very cute!
* i found a really amazing quote/story this week:
"James Michener, author of Hawaii and The Source, declined a dinner invitation at the White House during the Eisenhower administration, but his explanatory letter to the president made full amends. "Dear Mr. President," wrote Michener, "I received your invitation three days after I had agreed to speak a few words at a dinner honoring the wonderful high school teacher who taught me how to write. I know you will not miss me at your dinner, but she might at hers." Commented the understanding Ike, "In his lifetime a man lives under fifteen or sixteen presidents, but a really fine teacher comes into his life but rarely.""
-Richard Lederer
this hit home for me... mainly because it reminds me of my priorities and the things in life that really matter. how many times have i blown something off for something "better"? was it really all that "better"? i am not sure... but i am trying to balance things more efficiently. that is for sure.
* i heard today that paige davis is coming back to trading spaces! how cool is that! i used to watch it all of the time! and when they changed the format and took away the cute host, paige, i just didn't find it that fun anymore... well apparently everyone else thought so too... so the new management of TLC is bringing her back! the first one with her is on saturday 1/26 after the live miss america pageant! be sure to check it out! i know i will!
* for my birthday kevin gave me a $15 gift certificate to seagull book. well... the new anita stansfield book just came out and i got it today! she is my favorite author. i own every single book she has ever written. i am so excited to start reading it! i am going to have to tell myself
that i can't start reading it until my christmas stuff is put away! lol!
* as most of you know, i travel to scrapbook shows for well, this week i found out that i will be going to michigan in may... and... i am going to extend my trip a bit to see my dad! how excited am i?! it will be almost 2 years since i have seen him! i can't wait!
(thanks again kris! i love ya!)
good night my friends! have a great weekend!

Monday, January 21, 2008

love is in the air!

Today is the 6 year anniversary of Kevin proposing to me... how exciting!
i found this fun MEME on What defines me, and i thought it was perfect for today!

i love these kind of stories...

1. Where did you meet your husband?
we met at church... in utah, for the singles wards, they have what is called "ward prayer". basically it happens on sunday evenings and is a time when the ward gets together to say "family prayer" to start the new week. i saw him there and thought he was really cute, but he had a girl with him! darn! however, the next week there was no girl! so i got the courage to talk to him. :)

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband?
i think i asked him if he was going to join the ward choir. i got a resounding "NO". i was bummed because i love to sing... i later found out that he plays the piano though... good enough for me!

3. Where was your first date?
once we started talking to each other i invited over to my apartment for a big luncheon. once a month my friends and i would invite a bunch of people over for dinner. it was a great way to get to know others (and have my friends check out the cute boy i invited... had to have their opinion!) our first official date was a week or so after... we went to dinner (golden corral) and a movie (jurassic park 3)...

4. Did you have a short or long engagement?
i think our engagement was perfect! he proposed january 21st, 2002 and we were married april 9th...
i did, however, pick out my ring in october... so we knew then...

5. Where did you get engaged?
in my apartment! i had a feeling that kevin had picked up my ring that afternoon... especially when he told me to come home as soon as work was over! i was getting so excited that i left a little early! when i got to the apartment kevin was talking to ann (she was living with me at the time), and they both acted really strange and nervous when i walked in! ann went straight to our room and kevin told me to stay where i was...
he then came over and put on one of our favorite songs... "dance with me" by tonic... and asked me to dance. this was a big deal because kevin just doesn't dance. not even if it is just the 2 of us in the kitchen!
when the song was over he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring box... so exciting! i felt silly standing over him... so i got on my knees too! he asked me to marry him and of course i said yes! when he opened the ring box the ring was not in there!!!! how rude! lol! he led me into the kitchen where there was a dozen red roses with a single white rose in the middle of them all... my ring was sitting in the middle of the white rose... he told me... " i would love the spend eternity with you, surrounded by love!" oh ya! me too! :)

6. Where were you married?
we were married in the Logan Utah Temple

7. How did the reception go?
wonderful! very laid back! and we loved it! we had a luncheon and a reception. my colors were navy blue and silver. we didn't stand in a line because we didn't really have a wedding party. just my maid of honor (ann) and kev's best man... both of kevin's parents have passed away and my parents were seeing each other for the first time in 27 years! so... needless to say, there was no need for a line... lol! actually i hardly spent any time with kevin at the reception... we were both mingling with our guests! someone even joked that i didn't even really get married or have a husband... he was just a myth! what a great way to get presents! lol!

8. How was the honeymoon?
wonderful! we went to louisiana! that is where kevin grew up and his sister and brother in law were still there. i hadn't met them yet, so it was a great time to see where he grew up and meet his family. we were there for 10 days! loved it! so incredible!

my sweet husband is a great man! i love him more and more every day!

Friday, January 18, 2008

new truck!

we bought a truck yesterday!!!

ok... so we have been talking about getting a new truck in the spring, but kevin has been thinking about it a lot now...

matter of fact he went to a dealership in ogden on tuesday and test drove a 2000 chevy s10... whatever that is... lol! he really liked it and wanted to know what i thought!

well, since i wasn't there to drive it with him...

and that it was the first truck he has test driven...

and that is was the only truck he had driven...

and that it was red...

and that it had tan interior...
(red and tan... not my idea of a perfect combo for a vehicle... at least for us...)

so, as my list got longer and longer i told him to hold off for a bit... you know... drive a few more trucks! we decided that we would pray about it on wednesday and come to some sort of decision on thursday.

thursday morning came and kev called me at work to ask me how i was feeling about it and what i thought. i told him that i felt like we needed to try a few more things out... test drive more trucks... even if we went back to the original truck, at least we did our homework.

now, one of the things we liked about the first truck/dealership was that they were willing to offer us $1500 trade for our little piece of crap... i mean, other car... that was very enticing to us, because we knew we wouldn't be able to get that much if we sold it elsewhere!

ok... so he decided to go drive a couple more.... he called me on my lunch break and said that he was out in the parking lot... "come and see!" ann and i went out and there he was! he was driving a white 1998 dodge dakota... very nice! it is great condition... inside and out! it came with a little truck box (which we would have needed to get anyway...) decent gas mileage, and 4 wheel drive! so great!

his friend was with him and he gave the thumbs up too! kevin wanted to go talk to the dealership (the truck was from the same dealership that we bought our beautiful new buick!) and see what they could offer us.

i said... good, go talk to them... so... he did...

they offered $500 for the trade in and we were thrilled with it!

we bought it! wow! that was fast! but we both feel really good about it! it is a great little truck! wahoo! we have a truck again!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


today is bunco! i am so excited because we weren't able to have it last week...!

anyway... i just wanted to share!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sweets and Sours

i love saturdays! they are truly one of the best days of the week!

here is this week's sweets and sours...


i just finished the final episode of dawson's creek... it was a great series and i am sad that it is over... i realize that it has been "over" for almost 6 years... but today it was over for me... and i am sad...

i am taking down my christmas stuff today and that always makes me a little sad too...


bunco is this week! i missed going last week and i can't wait to play on tuesday!

i have been working on my personal progress in young women's and am really excited about earning my young women's medallion for church! i am going to try and complete all of my requirements by the end of the year! wahoo!

this last week i have had the opportunity to continue a relationship with a friend from high school! sue and i met through mutual friends in high school and then went to the same college... we got back in touch with each other over christmas and have been emailing back and forth this week. i am thrilled to have this contact again!

just love this time of year... lots of motivation for me... i want to be better... in everything... better wife, friend, sister, daughter, leader, employee... you know... overall better...

happy saturday! hope yours is great too!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

the haps! and a birthday!

wow! i can't believe this week is almost over!
today is my brother's birthday! sam! i love you! i have been thinking about you all day!

we didn't have bunco this week...
want to hear a great story?

so one of the ladies couldn't come because she didn't have a babysitter... so i found her a babysitter...

and 2 others couldn't come because they were sick... so i found 2 more subs for them...

then... i got a call saying that another 2 ladies couldn't come because they were sick! i knew there was no way that i could find another 2 subs, so i called the host and asked her if we could postpone it to next week instead... sure...

so there it is! crazy couple of hours trying to cover everything! and we didn't have it!

it's ok... the weather was really bad too!

so, i know you all have been dying for me to post my infamous "chocolate delight" fear no more! here it is!

This is by far my all time favorite dessert. It was always the dessert that I picked for my birthday when I was growing up. You can use other flavors of pudding, but chocolate is my favorite. I think that it tastes best the next morning for breakfast! lol!


2 cups flour
2 sticks marg/butter
1 cup chopped walnuts

Combine and pat in 9x13 pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 min. Cool.

8oz cream cheese
1 cup powder sugar
8oz thawed whipped topping

Spread half of mixture on crust. Make instant pudding (1 large or 2 small pkgs). Pour pudding on mixture and then add remaining mixture on pudding. Sprinkle with additional chopped nuts.

yummy! enjoy!
have a good night!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sweets and Sours

i haven't done "Sweets and Sours" for quite awhile...


* today my mom and i were supposed to go down and visit my brother. the weather was really bad this morning and we decided to try and go another weekend... bummer... big bummer!

* i am home all day and don't really have any good movies to watch...


* i am home all day... therefore, i have a great opportunity to tackle a few projects on my everyflowing "to do" list!

* getting things done on my list:
write thank you notes for christmas gifts -done
put away laundry -done
post on my blog -done
clean oven -done
wash dishes -done
work on my young women personal progress
gather all stuff for DI and put in car -done
organize scrapbook rooms projects -done
get box ready to send to friends -done

(i will continue to edit this post today as i get things done! and of course because i love lists, i will add anything else that i do, to the list! lol!)

* most people don't like january, but i love it... to me it is the perfect time to clean, organize and put everything back into order from the chaos of the holidays!

* i love celine dion! as i was putting away my laundry this morning i was listening to one of her cd's that i got for christmas! the more i listen to her, the more i like her!

* i am feeling much better this week! i was really really sick last weekend... ended up in the ER! not fun, let me tell you!

* bunco is on tuesday! i love bunco! we are starting the new year and i am so excited! i will tell you all about it! my friend asked me to help with the food... i have a wonderful recipe called "chocolate delight"! so divine! i am going to make that for dessert!

well, i better get going on that list! have a great weekend!