Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 months old...

time sure flies when you are having fun!!
i can't believe our sweet little abbi is already 2 months old!
here are some of her highlights the last month!

* abbi got thrush at about 5 weeks old! :( she got it from my antibiotic i was taking for my c-section incision. poor little thing! it was rough... for both of us!! she had it for about 3 weeks. finally after 2 weeks of one med the dr changed it to some high powered stuff! the thrush was gone within 18 hours!! nice.

* she grew out of her newborn diapers and moved on to size 1 at 6 weeks old. it was a sad day... she is growing up so fast!

* abbi is still pretty gassy. and takes gas medicine after most feedings. and with that gas comes some really stinky toots!! :) it's good though! i'd rather have them out than rolling around in her little tummy!

* she smiled at momma all on her own at 5 weeks old! it sure did melt my heart! we all think she is the most beautiful baby in the world! you put a smile on her and the beauty triples!! :)

* at around 4 weeks old abbi slept until 2am instead of her normal midnight! wahoo!! we got a 4 hour block of sleep! so nice!!

* every girl needs painted toes, right? i thought so too! :)

* abbi has played with the idea of sucking her thumb, but by 7 weeks old she in convinced it is the coolest thing to to!! i wasn't so convinced... but it is cute and it helps her settle herself. it's funny to hear her slurpping away... sure enough! there is her thumb! :)

* she is such a little cuddle and snuggle bug! we love to cuddle with her!

* abbi usually falls asleep in the car! she travels super well! kevin and i took her down to see my brother, sam. it was a 17 hour day! most of it in the car! she did great! she got a little fussy about an hour from home on the way back! we had a good visit and abbi loves her uncle sam!!

* when kevin is out of town abbi and i will lay in my bed and just talk and be lazy after her 7am feeding. she is such a morning girl. she is the happiest in the 7am 11am timeframe. what a good girl she is!

* her eyelashes are getting longer! i didn't realize that it takes awhile for eyelashes to grow! they are so pretty!

* not only are her eyelashes getting longer, but so is her hair! it is much more noticable now! it is so cute! i was sure that when she was born she would be bald... but she has hair!! love it! of course we don't leave the house without a cute headband or bow on! :)

* around week 6 abbi is enjoying being in the swing more. if she is settled she will swing for about 15-20 mins. then it gets old and she starts to fuss... :)

* we have ventured out to restaurants a few times too! it has been very successful! abbi has been amazing, since she is usually colic-y during dinner time!

* and the colic. yuck! her worst hours are between 6-9pm. very fussy... screaming as well! not our fun time, that is for sure! :( i am told she will grow out of it... hope it is true.

* this month we have had some really cool visits from friend from out of town!! noe, angie and kristy and mary! it is so fun to get visitors!

* when she had thrush, we had to use a new binky and bottle top nipple every day. in the process of throwing away binky's everyday we found out that abbi does not like the cute colorful binky's from the store... even if they are identical to ones we got free from the dr office. oh no... this girl likes the free ones!! :)

* around 7 weeks abbi started nestling into momma with her binky and going to sleep without any problem. however, that only last a week or so...

* we call abbi our "zero to 60" baby! she will go from calm, smiling and happy on minute to mad, upset and ticked off the next! her little hands will flail around and she will swat away anything used to try and comfort her... ie... binky, momma's hands, blanket... yikes.

* abbi got her first cold at 8 weeks old! :( it is so sad to see her like that! stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing! bummer! we have a humidfier for her room and lots of boogie wipes and the nose bulb thingy... poor little girl! all things considered though, she has been pretty pleasant through it all though!

* the big event this month was her blessing! on sunday, september 12 kevin blessed abbi. it was a super special day surrounded by lots of friends and family! she looked so beautiful and was a really good girl! only fussed a couple of times.

we sure love our little girl!
she has changed our lives forever.
and what a wonderful change she is!

Monday, September 13, 2010

happy birthday...

to my mom!! my wonderful mom ...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

blessing day...

today was abbi's blessing!
she was so beautiful in her dress!
she was a good little girl and just fussed a tad during the blessing!

my mom made her dress and the hair bow! i love it! it is just what i pictured! the sheer fabric is the same fabric that my wedding veil was made out of! i totally love this dress!
i even made abbi and i matching bracelets! :)

she is such a blessing to our family!
we decided to have a private blessing and not in sacrament meeting. it was perfect for us! we had lots of friends there to support us!
we ordered food and had a luncheon afterwards for everyone to enjoy. mmmmm!
kevin did a great job! we were both pretty nervous, but everything turned out perfect!
i am one lucky girl to have this wonderful man as my husband!
and this darling little girl as my daughter!
i am feeling very blessed today! love my family and friends!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

one of my favorite moments...

a few nights ago i had one of the best moments as a mom!
i had just finished nursing abbi and she was a little fussy, as usual. but i needed her to stay awake just a little longer so we could give her some medicine.
i kicked the recliner back and we started talking... :) she quieted down and we just looked at each other and talked! she told me some stories and i told her some!
she hadn't been that calm in a few days and i was so happy that she wasn't crying! it felt good to know that i was the one who had calmed her down. i was the one she trusted to feel safe at that moment. i was the one she was happy with.
but in reality... she was the one i wanted to be with at that moment. she was the one who was making me feel happy. she was the one that i trusted to tell my stories to.
she in mine.
that is one crazy thought and feeling. i love her way more than i ever thought i could!
it was such a special hour or so.
laying in the recliner, bonding with my beautiful 6 week old daughter.
a night i will never forget...
i love you, abbi!

beautiful baby...

here are some of the pics that my friends took of abbi for her newborn shots...

i love them all so much!

what a darling baby!

thanks to julianne and syndee for taking some amazing pictures that we will always cherish!