Tuesday, April 24, 2007

girls night!

ok... i am really tired, but i have to tell you about my evening. i went over to a friends house tonight and got together with "my girls". the 4 girls that were in my laurel (church) class last year and graduated!

we had a fun time! our intention was to go over to barbi's (the other leader) house and have dinner and watch a movie! the only movie we watched was herbie- fully loaded. and that was because barb's kids were watching it! the rest of us gabbed all night long!

barbi made taco soup and i made dessert! when i got there at 5pm, michelle and bethanie were making a salsa kind of dip. it was so great to see them! i saw bethanie just the other day and she is so wonderful! i haven't seen michelle is soooo long! she is amazing! i have really missed her! ashlee was in the bathroom with barbi, doing her hair! it was so cute! i went in and there they were ... just chatting about life, boys, school... whatever!

michelle had to leave to go to a game and then rachel came over. i haven't seen rachel forever too! she looked amazing and is doing so well. i am so proud of her!

we all just sat and talked... we played a game i like to call the question game... someone asks a question and everyone has to answer. it is so fun!

i love these girls! i am so proud of each of them and the beautiful women they are growing up to be! i am truly honored to be part of their lives! i am a better person because of it!

a huge thanks goes to barbi- for letting us use her home, for letting me hold and play with her 4 week old baby, for being a good and kind friend who i love!

bethanie- for having the courage to make good choices, for being so kind to everyone- especially barbi's kids. and for keeping in contact with me... the old married lady...

rachel- for being beautiful, for accomplishing things that i would never have to courage to do! running in a marathon is a big deal! for setting goals and not being afraid to do them!

michelle- for standing up for what you believe to be good and true, for staying true to yourself, for loving life and all that it has to offer. and for being someone that i look up to.

and ashlee- for being the great example that you are, for not being afraid to stand up for what you believe, for having the courage to love someone when it might not be all that easy.

i love you each and am blessed to be your friends! love ya girls!

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