Friday, January 16, 2009

random thoughts...

hi there! i have so much rambling on in my head...
i thought i would share it with you!
* i am really enjoying my project 365. it has been fun to document my life like that!
* i played bunco this week and it was great! we weren't able to play last month, so it had been a really long time since we had all been together! i was the highest score! wahoo! that hasn't happened in a REALLY LONG TIME!!
* saturday was my little brother's birthday! he is 30! i can't believe it! my mom and i went down to visit with him and spent almost 4 hours there! it was so fun! i made a crossword puzzle and a word search puzzle! my mom and i each made a list "30 things i love about sam"! that was cool... a little emotional, but good! and i brought every picture i think i have of him! from baby to a few years ago! it was so fun!
* i have texting a good friend of mine lately. and it has been fun! random chats all day... make me laugh!
* kevin is back on days!!! no more noon to midnight! he is officially working 4am to 4pm! that is good, cuz that means we will be going to bed at the same time (ish) and getting up at the same time (ish). i love that! and we will be able to have dinner together and maybe watch a tv show or 2 together! normal... what would that be like!? :)
* work is good, but we are going to be working graves friday and saturday night... the upside to that is that i have sunday and monday off!
* sunday is the missionary "farewell" for a very special couple! the bishop (and his wife) of my old singles ward is going on a mission to norway!! how cool is that! i am so excited for them! anyway... i will be attending their ward on sunday for that!
* my christmas stuff is still up! i am hoping to get it all taken down this weekend sometime! i will be sad to take the tree down. i really love my tree... but the rest ... ready to say "see ya next year! " hee hee!
* i just found out tonight that one of my favorite scrapbook magazines, simple scrapbooks, is not going to be published anymore past may! i am very bummed! i have enjoyed getting it over the years!
* a friend of mine just found out that he got tickets to the presidential inauguration! whether you support our new president or not, i think this is a pretty cool honor to attend!
* at work we are trying to raise money for a military family organization. we are going to have a "treasure trade" sort of yard sale thing in the break room tomorrow. i made 60 cards to sell. i put them in variety packs of 10 cards each! i hope they sell. it is a good cause!
* i had a pedicure today! i love getting "new toes"! it is such a good feeling!
* i know i have talked about facebook on here before... but i am having so much fun with it! not only am i finding friends from high school, but from my home ward too! it has been great to re-connect with all of these old friends!
* lots of new great shows are on again! some nights i have up to 3 shows! wow! too bad i can only record 2 at a time! hee hee! i am watching : biggest loser, bachelor, american idol and a new one called... the secret life of the american teenager.
have a good weekend! :)


Dawn said...

I'm totally loving Secret Life of an American Teenager, too!

Hey, find me on facebook!

Julie M. said...

Sounds like you're a busy woman! Who's the bishop leaving? I think you're awesome, Jen! :) PS: My lil sis just got a job at Sams, watch for a Michelle!


Jennie!! How could I forget you! How awesome to catch up with you a little on your blog! I just love it!

I still use my little "tip calculator" card ALL the time, and everytime I say or think of the phrase "bless your heart" I think of you...remember our coversation about that?

You're such a positive person and I love how that shines through on your blog! Thanks so much for saying Hi!!

Love ya!