Tuesday, October 06, 2009

the wonderful visit!!

we had such an amazing time last weekend!
my uncle steve and aunt paula were in utah!! they live in indiana and we hadn't seen them in several years!
they were here for a librarian conference (they both are librarians) in slc and took some time to see us too!
friday steve came up and spent the day with us! we visited for a bit and then made picnic lunches and took them up the canyon. the leaves were very pretty so it was a nice day for a drive. on the way back we stopped at aggie ice cream for a little treat! delish!!
we then headed over to cox honey to check out what cool stuff they have. steve is a bee keeper and since he was visiting the "beehive" state, this was a must! :)
after checking out the yummy honey we went home to visit some more. we pulled out lots of pics and chatted about the haps in each others lives. it was a fabulous afternoon!
for dinner we decided to go to the beehive grill. super good food and a great atsmosphere!
we had a fun day! it was so great to see him!
sunday morning steve flew home but paula stayed for the closing lecture. after it ended mom and i picked her up and we went to lunch at sego lily cafe in bountiful- very cool place. paula is an amazing woman and it was wonderful to be able to just sit and chat with her for a few hours before she needed to get to the airport.
i sure love these 2 people! they are cream of the crop in my book! :)

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