Sunday, November 01, 2009

happy christmas?

according to the retail world, which i am very much a part of, the christmas season starts today!! november 1st!!
i had to work this morning and when i went in there was a small crew of people that had been there all night setting up everything christmas!! trees, ribbon, wreaths, wrapping paper, ornaments, toys, food... the list goes on!
so there you have it... the christmas season has started! and in the spirit of christmas i thought i would share this fun picture!! :)
don't tell anyone... but i think i am going to celebrate thanksgiving first... and then christmas!
crazy... i know! :)


Brunabug said...

you make me laugh. I hope you got the store all decked out for the Christmas Season!
And I think I will celebrate Thanksgiving first too. :)

Emily said...

I do love Christmas, but it comes earlier every year I swear! I went in last week looking for some Halloween stuff and it was pretty much gone with Christmas goods in it's place?? poor Thanksgiving sure gets snuffed huh?!!

I love that picture by the way!! Hilarious!

Camron said...

I love the picture!

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

I laughed at the took me a minute to notice the "ditto" that is funny!!

Logan and Traci Wood said...

That is hillarious...the ditto is awesome! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the holidays!