Friday, February 12, 2010

the story...

i have had lots of people ask me about "my story"... how i found out i was pregnant... etc...

so here is the story!

being pregnant never crossed my mind. we had given up on the idea that we could have a baby a couple of years ago. so any symptoms i may have had i totally ignored.

and then...

i had noticed the week of thanksgiving that i was really tired all of the time. even napped on thanksgiving day! which is very rare for me, i never ever take naps.

then i caught myself telling kevin that i was a little gaggy in the mornings. not sick, just gaggy.

and the final clue was that my breasts were super tender... and more than usual.

that is when i began to wonder when my last period was. i didn't know! i had stopped keeping track of that sort of stuff years ago!

a few years ago i bought some pregnancy tests from the dollar store... well the weekend after thanksgiving i figured i better pull them out- just for fun. surely nothing would come of it! on that sunday morning i woke up early to use the restroom and thought it might be fun to try one of the tests.

it was postive.

i blew it off because:

#1 it was from the dollar store! how reliable could it really be?
#2 it had expired in november of 2006 !!!!

so when i woke up for good a few hours later i took another test.

it was also positive.

so i proceeded to take the remaining 2 tests in my cupboard!

they all were postive!!

at that point i decided i needed to go to walmart and buy a real, current and name brand test. when kevin called that morning i told him i needed to run to walmart to get a few things. he was confused because i don't usually shop on sundays. i ignored the question at first and then finally gave in and told him why i was going to walmart.

he told me to go now!!

i laughed and continued to take my time getting ready. i didn't want to get my hopes up because i was sure that i wasn't really pregnant.

when i went to walmart i was careful that no one saw me and that i had other things in my cart so the tests wouldn't be the only thing in there! i decided to buy 3 packages. the walmart brand and an EPT brand. each package had 3 tests in it. i wanted to be sure.

i didn't need to use the restroom when i got home, so the wait begins. in the mean time kevin is calling me every 30 mins or so to see "how it was going". ha! a couple of hours later i decided to give it a try! now, in my opinion, they "pee on the stick" method doesn't work. :)

so off i go to wait for another couple of hours. drinking water along the way!
finally i figured i could try again, this time using the other method. i was so nervous. hopeful, but careful not to get excited!

the test was positive. almost immediatley!

now i have taken many pregnancy tests in my life and they have NEVER been postive. when i saw the plus sign i instantly started crying.

this time was different.

i couldn't believe it! i called kevin in tears, holding my postive test, and told him that we were going to have a baby. i was pregnant. wow!!

we both cried for a bit, very excited and overwhelmed!

the next day i went to the hospital for a blood test and it too was postive. i then scheduled a dr. appt for the next week. wow... i was pregnant!

we told my mom and a few of our closest friends, but decided not to make any other announcements until i hit the 12 week mark.

the next week i went to my first dr appt and i got an ultrasound!! guess what!!!

there was a baby in there!!

i kept looking at the pictures and said it over and over again...
there is a baby in there. there is a baby in there!
i was in shock!
at that appt i learned that i was 9 weeks along,
making me due july 14th.
overrall, i have am enjoying being pregnant. i haven't been sick at all. i am really tired all of the time and i find that i am hungry most of the time. :) i am now 18 weeks along and feeling good.
we are thrilled beyond belief and are so very grateful for this little miracle in our lives.
i will update more later, but here is
... the story ...


Our Family said...

HOORAY FOR YOU!!!! YAY! I am SO EXCITED for you I can't even stand it!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am SOOOOO behind on my blog reading, this one just happened to be one of the few I saw on my google reader and I clicked it to read more, I'm so happy I did. HOORAY! I can't wait to hear more about that "baby in there" :) SO FUN!

The Giaimo's said...

That is sooo exciting!! You deserve all the happiness this little baby will bring to you and Kevin!

Heather said...

I'm so glad you shared your story. It's a very exciting thing for you both. I'm so happy you are feeling good, too. Let us know when you know the gender!

Quinn said...

I can not tell you how EXCITED I am for you guys!! You will make great parents and will love that little thing to death. Keep us informed on the pregnancy. Are you guys finding out what you are having? Best of luck!!

Kate said...

Love it! I can't help but feel the emotions you experienced as you went through this. :)

A 'n D said...

thanks for posting your story - and sharing with all of us!! it makes it just a bit easier when we are so far away!

we could not be happier for you and are so glad it's going so so well!!!!!!!!

can't wait for more updates!!!

Logan and Traci Wood said...

I love it...I love it...I love it! Isn't it amazing how just knowing you have a baby in your tummy warms your little heart...just wait until you see the little guy/ thought you shed tears of joy finding out you were preg...well you'll shed a waterfall then. I can't wait to hear the tales of the oncoming months...keep us posted as you both. Please be sure to tell Kevin congrats too from both Logan and I!!!

Alleman Family said...

AHHHH!! What a GREAT story... I am so very excited for you guys! I can't even imagine what a positive test would feel like... What do they look like?? :) Remember... When you find out what you're having we're going SHOPPING!!

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

LOVE IT! I love the picture of the pregnancy tests! That is one lucky little baby to get you for a mom! Wuhooo!

Our ABC Family said...

What a neat story! :) I am beyond excited for you, and can only imagine how much this means to you and your hubby! Can't wait to see pictures of your little one! Love you girl!

Holly Barkdull said...

Jennie, I'm so happy for you. What a wonderful gift. I can't explain how happy i was to read your blog and hear your wonderful news.

MaryRuth said...

How am I missing all these updates??? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITING!!!

Are you having a baby shower?? when are you having one??

MOJ said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm delighted for you guys!