Monday, August 16, 2010

one month old!!

i can't believe that a month has gone by already!!

time sure flies when you are having fun with a baby!! :)

here are some of our favorite highlights of the last month with abbi!
(huge thanks to maryruth for the darling month stickers!!)

- she has the most beautiful eyes!

- her umbilical cord fell off on day 11.
- we had 2 fabulous friends take newborn pics of her! i loved them all! it helps to have the most beautiful baby in the world though... :)
- i love when she smiles (gas or not) it lights up the entire room!
- she is not too sure about the swing yet... we are still trying though.
- she has had some fabulous friends from out of town come and visit her... aunt carrie (my cousin), kris and richard, kristy and mary.
- after several rough nights i had a friend reccommend the book, baby wise. the basics of the book are eat, play and sleep. in that order. we are trying to keep to that routine. some days are better than others! :)
- we love putting on a new outfit every day! i don't think we have had any duplicates!
- she doesn't like to have her hands covered at all!! we can wrap her all up nice and tight, but those hands better be out or we will hear about it!
- her nursery is finally put together. it is a small room, but it is cute! i decorated in blue and green with yellow and pink accents.
- we took our first big adventure in the car! we drove down to slc to drop my cousin carrie off at the airport. on the way home we even stopped by babies r us! fun!
- she lifts her head constantly... love to look around! so curious with those big pretty eyes!
- she is still pretty fussy... mostly at nights between 6-9
-abbi doesn't have much patience... she can go from happy and pleasant to super mad and crying in about half a second! now... does that come from her mom... or dad... :)
- we love that she is starting to sleep around 4 hours at night! more sleep for momma!
- she is such a beautiful girl! we think she gets cuter each and every day!
- her weight: she was not back up to her birth weight by her 2 week mark (5 oz under) so her dr wanted us to add 1 oz of milk (formula or breast milk) after each feeding. and then to come back to the office for 3 consecutive weeks to have her checked again. at the first check she was doing well, gaining like she should. at the second week she had gained too much and they wanted me to cut the extra milk off. i was worried that it was going to be a rough week in the little household! but at the 3rd check she was doing fine! whew! and... that rough week wasn't too bad.
- the bad part about losing the extra milk at each feeding is that the meal didn't last as long. so we went from feeding every 3 hours to every 2 hours!
- she is tickleish... her belly, ribs, legs and feet... it is so fun to see her sqirm around when we tickle her!
- i love being this little girls mom... she is such a sweet girl!
the first month has gone by so quickly! it makes me sad and excited all at the same time! i am learning how important it is to cherish every moment...

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