Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 months...

4 months already!!
here are some of abbi's fabulous moments of the last month!

* Abbi fusses a few mins at nap time, then falls asleep and usually sleeps for about an hour.

* Bedtime: falls asleep eating then down for the night. she sleeps about 7-8 hours.

* Still loves fingers!
* She doesn't like being on her tummy, so she flips over as soon as she can to her back.

* Loves toes! Holds onto and nibbles!

* Grabs pant legs to get to her toes!!

* Laughs when playing peekaboo. Behind sheet/towel..

* Always moving!

* Totally relaxes in the tub. Puts arms up by head.

* Giggling more when played with.

* Day long are trip to see uncle sam!
* We did a little photo shoot in the leaves in our front yard. She was soooooo dang cute!! She just sat there and smiled and played!

* Starting to rub eyes when tired- so cute!

* Noticed and watches hands

* Lifts arm above head when eating, also crooks top leg.
* Abbi loves anything that crinkles! Plastic, paper, toys...

* Loves being upside down

* Raises both arms above head! Darling!!

* Starting blowing raspberries

* Reaches for toys when they are in front of her. Can’t quite get them yet though.
* Halloween was fun! We had fun dressing up as matching pumpkins! :)
* Her favorite toy is her plastic chain. It is lots of pretty colors and is fun to chew on. She likes the clacking sound it makes.
* Doesn't have much patience...

* Likes to pull herself up when holding our hands or fingers.

* About 14 weeks she started talking up a storm! We just sit and listen to her sweet little jabber.
We feel so blessed to be her parents. She is such a sweet girl.

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