Sunday, January 16, 2011

6 months old...

6 months!! so crazy!!

here are some of abbi's wonderful highlights at 5-6 months old!!

* she loves to play peek-a-boo! we put a burp cloth over her head and she can pull it off!

* she has the most beautiful little hand gestures. so gentle and soft.

* KICK KICK KICK!! she moves those legs soooo fast! we are gonna be in trouble when they hit the floor! she kicks so much, sometimes she kicks out of her jammies!!

* santa brought her a play mat that has a criss cross arch over the top for Christmas! she enjoys playing with the chain that links the 2 sides together and the pictures that hang from the arch.

* if she is fussy she will quiet down when she hares music. her singing pillow is the best!!

* abbi is starting to take longer naps every now and again. wahoo!!

* abbi loves to touch momma's hair. she gently strokes my hair...

* she giggles at lots of things! ... tickling & teasing ...

* her favorite toys right now are: the colored link chains, the fabric crinkle toys and pinkie (little stuffed bear that has a ring all the way around it and rattles)

* binky as been a huge comfort ... and play toy. she is not sucking her thumb as much.

* abbi loves to chew on everything! she is enjoying her teething/cold toys.

* she is eating cereal 2 times a day. we added veggies to her diet: sweet potatoes and carrots.

* she is getting soooooooo close to sitting up on her own!

* laying on her back is still much for enjoyable for her... not liking the tummy too much!

* she loves to stand and walk around the room holding onto our fingers.

* "talks" with her jaw... getting ready for baba and dada

* if there is a toy in front of her she will pick it up and start playing with it!

* abbi smiles alot! she is a very happy baby! and we are so happy to be her momma and daddy!

* she really enjoyed the wrapping paper at Christmas! loves that crinkle sound!

* i love to show abbi what she is going to wear... she smiles and kicks her feet! it sure feels like she likes the outfit too!! :) so fun!

* she is eating very well! and is on a 3 hour schedule for her 5 oz bottles

* abbi is such a sweet little girl! while she is nursing she will rub my arm or play with my shirt. she sometimes will lightly pinch my skin. she also will raise her hand/arm that is on top high into the air! so dang cute!!

* "talks" while nursing! "MMnnnn NNmnnn NMnnMn" GASP!! and then do it all again! silly...

* she has a little bit of a rash on her neck from ... SO MUCH SWABBA!!!! :)

* she is starting to reach her arms out to us when we reach for her... love love love that!!

* when momma is drinking from a cup she thinks that she needs to have a drink too! :) she puts her mouth up to the cup and thinks she is drinking! sometimes she will lick it up like a kitty!

* this girl LOVES her bath!! she really gets in to splashing her little legs and feet in the water! momma and daddy usually end up just as wet as she is!!

* daddy loves to wiggle her mouth as she talks... abbabababbbaaabbabababba... pretty fun!

* her toes are still her favorite thing to play with!

* she thinks its fun to flail her arms all around...

* we have to be careful what we put in front of her... because she will grab anything she can!

* she is getting more hair... kinda a honey color!

* her little arms can just barely reach to the top of her head! every now and again she will just scratch her head... it is pretty cute!

* she loves to read books! well... flip the pages!

* it's a good thing she has lots of darling clothes, because some days we go through several outfits!! swabba, spit up or messy diapers!

* she is an amazing little girl! we love her more and more every day!!

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