Thursday, March 17, 2011

8 months old...

what!! my beautiful daughter is 8 months old!! wow...
here are some of her 7-8 month highlights...

* abbi is sitting up on her own quite well now!! so big!!
* she doesn't feel the need to put her fingers in her mouth after every single bite of food now!! wahoo!!

* bouncing/jumping when she is standing is her favorite thing to do!! she loves it!!

* abbi sits still and just watches closely when i trim her fingernails.

* she LOVES LOVES LOVES crinkle noises!!!! plastic... and paper!! loves to "read the mail"!

* her whole little body gets very excited when momma or daddy come home from work! her hands go above her head and flail about and her legs kick kick kick!! it makes a momma feel good!!

* abbi will entertain herself for a good 20 minutes in her walker. she loves the music (she can't quite
hit the button on her own... but is close!), the rolling ball and the moving beads!! such a fun toy!!

* she has started to push herself back in the walker and turn

* i am only nursing her in the morning
around4am and then again at night before she goes to bed.

* food schedule is: eating cereal with a jar of baby food fruit or veggie 3x a day. at the end of
the month i did cut that down to just 2x a day...

* she has started to roll over from her back to her tummy!!

* one morning nanny found her on her tum
my when she woke up!! and she had completely turned her self around in the crib from how i had laid her down!! crazy little kid!!

* she still loves her bath time with daddy!! splash splash splash!!

* when she gets excited about something she will turn into me and cuddle. oh it makes me melt!!

* watch out world! abbi is kissing!! :) she has started to open mouth kisses!!

* she scoots all around the living room!! for not being able to crawl she gets around the house!!

* crawling is coming though... she has started to rock back and forth on her knees!!

* she loves to drink like a big girl from momma's big cup! she takes a couple of swigs of water from my cup with her tongue in the cup and licks like a kitty!!

* when abbi sits with me she wants to hold onto my thumbs... quite cute!

* abbi is a girl who knows what she wants!! when she is sitting she will grab for your fingers so she
can stand up!

* the tummy sleeping has continue
d throughout the month! we have found her on her tummy for several naps!! sometimes we can tell she was sleeping on her hands!! ... momma does it too. :)

* her favorite toys this
month are: pinky- the ring stacks- her rattles... noise!! :) and her abby cadabby doll.

* abbi and momma took a walk downtown in the stroller to get bunco gifts and she was
sooooooooo good!! she didn't fuss the entire walk or in the 2 stores we went in to!! she loves to be outside and watch people! such a fun little girl!

* 2 of abbi's friends turned 1 this month too
... tayson and anne. we went to visit them both an
d deliver a present. abbi loved playing with tayson!! she loves other little kids!! she is becoming very social!

* she loves to "run" when laying down on the floor! we can hear the THUMP THUMP THUMP from another room! so funny!

* abbi has a fun little sense of humor and personality. she will sneakily grab the spoon when you are feeding her... she gives a sly smile! so cute!! we also see this little sly smile after she finishes her bottles... right before she starts chewing on the bottle nipple! funny kid!

* she loves momma's toes!! fascinated by them!

* we got rid of all the small binkies and bought new bigger cute colored ones!! (6+mos)

* she is chatter box! enjoys to talk and squeal... ooooh wow!

* grow

* peek-a-boo is still a favorite game!! she will take a burp cloth
or blanket and
put it over her face to
hide! she squeals with delight when we "find" her!! :)

* she has always loved listening to her "singing pillow" after her bath. but now she takes it and plays with the metal twist thing herself!!

* abbi has started to rub her little eyes when she is tired too... it is so cute!!

* nanny brought home a balloon for abbi. she
wasn't too sure about it at first, but she became fascinated about it!!

we sure love her!!
abbi is one amazing kid!!

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