Friday, December 23, 2011

17 months already!!

this little one is so full of fun and life!!

she is doing amazing things!  i just wanted to share some of her happenings...

she can say lots of words!  some on her own and some coaxed:
nana (nanny)
saow  (sam)
hello (with a tad of english accent...hellow)
all done
no no
ow  (owie)
caw caw  (car car)
ya!  (yes)
eh-an  (Ellen- as in DeGeneres  :)  )

she loves loves loves to read!  will usually sit for at least 5-10 mins and just look at books several times a day!

she is a sweetie!  gives loves and kisses to her toys, animals, cups, remotes... and us too!

takes 2 pretty good naps most days

loves to "scrapbook"!  will climb up on my chair at my scrapbook table and take all of my pens and pencils out of the tool organizer and then put them back in.  loves to color too!

climbs onto anything she can!  chairs, couch, hope chest or the recliner in her room.

loves to help momma cook.  stirring is her favorite!  but she loves to carry stuff from the fridge to the counter too. 

such a happy little girl!  laughs at things and herself!  she is a tease too!  :)

really enjoys being outside and going for walks.  now that we have snow we don't get out as often, but she will head right for the snow as soon as she sees it!  we have to watch her close or she will take off down the sidewalk at any given moment!  crazy kid!!

loves to play with other kids!  learning to share has been pretty good...

uses her binky at sleep times only.  or at least that is the plan... until she sneaks it out of her crib!!

folds her arms for prayers and then says "amen" .  so cute!!

she can be picky when it comes to eating, but her very favorites are:  noodles (preferably mac/cheese), popcorn, sweet pickles, french fries, yogurt, oatmeal, green beans, pancakes, goldfish crackers, bread, cheese, carrots and ketchup!  :)  she loves to drink her milk and water!  and an occasional cranberry slush! she is not a huge fan of any meat... yet...

she has 12 teeth!  and loves to crunch down on her snacks!!

we sure love this little girl!  the light of our lives for sure!


JaNae said...

Such fun discoveries and adventures at your house!

MaryRuth said...

can't believe how fast she's growing! nursery next month... :(

so so cute!