Friday, February 17, 2006

Hello! Tonight I attended our High School Girls basketball game! It was sooo good! We won and now are going to state! I am so excited! I recently was called to be a teacher for the laurel class at church. This is the class for the 16-18 year old girls. They are great girls and i am thrilled to get to know them! One one of the girls is on the bb team and that is why i went to the game!

Things are going well for us this week. I finished up my Pampered Chef show and it was great! I was able to earn some free product and a few killer deals on the cookware that i wanted so bad! Wahoo!

Is anyone watching the Olympics? I love it! It is great to watch the different events. Of course, ice skating is my favorite! When the olympics were in Salt Lake City in 2002, Kevin and I were able to attend the women's freestyle skating competion. Sarah Hughes won the gold medal! It was the most amazing experience ever! My best friend, Ann, went with us too and we had a blast!

Well, I am going to head to bed pretty soon! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentines day! It is a day of Love! Love for family and friends! I love you all!


Paula S said...

Hey Jen.

Sounds like you all are very busy. Steve and I have been watching the Olymics - but I like the snowboarding and the odd stuff like luge and curling. It is sooooo cold here that all four cats are sleeping in a heap. And they don't normally like each other. We have a big pot of chile on. The aroma is floating through out the house - spicy, rich, warm. Since Tom doesn't like beans,so we mashed them. YUM. Wish you could be here tonight to help us eat it. I worked at White River Gardens this morning and potted about 25 new roses that were donated to the garden. It made me forget that it was 17 outside. Well I'd better go. I've got boys in the kitchen playing Majic and I need to stir dinner. Take care...

MaryRuth said...

I'm so happy that you are blogging!!
Have I already said that?? Well it's true! I'm SOOO HAPPY YOU ARE BLOGGING!!!! :)

I LOVE the olympics but I haven't watched a ton of this time since we don't get them on our tv.... we can't get local channels so I've been watching the recaps on the news channels.

can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!