Wednesday, March 01, 2006

hi there family and friends!

happy march! are you wearing green yet? you better start practicing or i will have to pinch ya!

i haven't written anything in a couple of weeks and i wanted to update everyone on the happenings of our wonderful life! :)

i am LOVING working with the young women in my ward! they are the best! last week was a very busy and fulfilling week! i attended a fantastic musical that one of our girls (avey) was in. it was soooo cute, called, "crazy for you". i highly recommend attending it! very entertaining! i was also able to attend the local high schools version of "the wind in the willows", where rachel was a mouse a wash woman and a gypsy! such talent! cute.

i think the highlight of the week was the high school girls basketball team going to the state playoffs! one of my girls, michelle, is a starter for the team and she did fantastic! we had our first game of the tournament on thursday night. my best friend, ann, and i went down to watch it. it was so exciting to watch! we lost, but then played again of friday morning and won! i was not able to attend the game on friday, but i did go down for the final game in ogden on saturday! we lost by 2 points, however, michelle was truly a star!

i never thought i would be so involved in each of these girls lives! but i truly love it! i am learning so much about myself by being around them! i think they give me the courage and strength to be the person i want to be "when i grow up"!

kevin is doing really well. he had to go to the doctor today, overall, doing great! he found out that he has lost over 40 lbs in the last year! way to go! i am very proud of him!

sam is loving his job and really enjoying his free time! he is doing great.

i have been working really early mornings all week, i get to "sleep in" tomorrow! i don't have to be to work until 5am! pretty sad that 5am is sleeping in! i am hoping that i will be able to go back to my normal shifts (6am) in the next couple of weeks! wahoo!

well, love to you all! leave me a little note! jen

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MaryRuth said...

I'm so happy you are loving your calling... it seriously is such a great and rewarding calling. I love it!!

Sounds like life is going well (except for the early mornings)hope you get to "sleep in" one of these days!

Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!