Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hello family and friends!

I am sorry that I haven't written in so long! Life has been out of control the last few weeks! I have started traveling again with Creating Keepsakes! I have so much fun with my great friends there. It si too bad we only get to seen each other when we travel. I was in Kansas City last weekend and will be traveling to St. Louis next weekend! Kevin says that I am too busy, somedays I agree with him! :)

Sam's Club is also keeping me very busy. We will have our Big Club Inventory on 6 June. It means that I will be very focused at work in getting everything done so that we will have a good inventory! Wish me luck!

Kevin is doing great! He enjoys his job and keeps busy. He is usually playing PS2 every free moment that he has. He has been hinting that the new PS3 comes out in November and that he wants one! Kevin is truly a kid at heart and I love it!

Sam is good. He has made some good friends and is always hanging out with them. He stays busy and loves to be "out". He comes home occaisionally for a good home cooked meal (when i cook one!) and we love to spend time with him.

Well, that is our life in a nut shell, this week. Chat with you again soon1


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