Saturday, September 02, 2006

Gilmore Girls!

ok... so i have a new passion! watching "gilmore girls"! i love the show! i had never watched it, but heard that it was a cute show, so i added it (season 1) to my netflix list! i am just finishing up the second season and i love it!

you have to watch it! what a good and uplifting show! sooooooooo very funny and entertaining!

the basic story line is a single mom and her teenage daughter... their friendship and struggles. it is set in connecticut, near hartford, in a little town where everybody knows everybody! the town characters are amazing and very funny as well.

i highly recommend this show. very cute!


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MaryRuth said...

I LOVE GG girls!! I used to watch it on my DVD player in the aiport waiting to fly to different shows... I think I'm on season five? We'll have to chat about it when I see you next week!

Love you!