Friday, September 08, 2006


i love weekends! i get to sleep in- usually- and be lazy all day long! i have a hard time getting out of bed during the week! i have to be at work most mornings at either 5am or 6am, so sleeping in until 8am is such a treat! (i never thought i would say that!) but on fridays i usually get up early- no problems... just cuz i know it is the first day of the weekend and i can get through work knowing that it is the last day of the week!

this weekend i am going with ann, my best friend, and her roommate to brigham city peach days! it will be so much fun! i love this kind of thing... you know... the local community festivities. in my home town growing up, ours was called "early settlers day". it was always helded in september and there was something going on all weekend. dances, good food, booths, and sidewalk sales. usually there was a parade and a big race on saturday morning!

fun! i can't wait! wahoo!

have a great weekend! peach days! here i come!

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MaryRuth said...

It was SOO MUCH FUN TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you!!