Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Highlights

ok... i have been thinking about 2006, and i will be honest, i am not sad to see it go... however, we did have some good times too.
so, here are our hightlights from 2006!
i was given a new church assignment to work with the youth. it was great to get to know these wonderful girls! i was able to go to "girls camp". it was amazing and i am very grateful that i was able to go. i have made friends, young and "old" alike, that i will cherish forever!
i learned how to crochet and made my very first potholder/washcloth thingy!
sam, my little brother, lived with us for most of the year and we sure had fun! great memories that i will cherish forever! thanks sam!
mom was able to come up to logan and visit this year! ya rah!
i did lots of traveling with creating keepsakes. i was able to travel to: st. louis, missouri; kansas city, kansas; manchester, new hampshire and nashville, tennesee. i have made fabulous friends and i am honored to know each and every one of them!
i was also able to travel with ! they are on online store that sells a little bit of everything for scrapbooking, and they have the best prices for adhesive! i went to phoenix, arizona and seattle, washington with them! i am hoping to travel quite a bit more for them in 2007!
i love the month of october. it is my birthday month! kevin took me to salt lake city for the weekend of my birthday this year! we had a great time!
while i was in new hampshire for a ck show, i was able to fly out a week early and spend some time with my dad in connecticut! we had a great time and did lots of fun stuff! i got to see my brother, marcus and his mom margaret too! this was a fantastic trip that i hope to do again really soon!
kevin changed jobs again... big surprise i know! i call it his 8 month itch! i am hoping that he will keep his new job at LeGrande Johnson Construction for more than 8 months! it seems to be a good place to be that treats their employees well. beside the fact that he was layed off the week after thanksgiving. :( he is doing well at being my "house husband" and i am very proud of him.
kevin had a fun year filled with getting lots of new "toys"! some of his new collections include:
a new bike, psp (play station portable)- complete with games, carrying case and fun accessories!, and a new top of the line phone! he is quite spoiled! good thing he is cute!
august was a hard month for us, but before the craziness hit, we had a great visit from ann's , my best friend, mom! she flew in for ann's birthday and we had a blast! one of the highlights of the weekend was going up logan canyon and having a picnic. ann, julie, maryann, mom, sam and kevin and i had a really great time!
october also brought extreme makeover: home edition to logan utah! what a fun week that was! it aired on 11/26/06 and was incredible!
i also discovered my new favorite sweet treat! candy cane kisses! yummy!
happy new year everyone! i just toasted in 2007 with my sweetheart and a glass of sparking cider! may this new year be filled with health, love, laughter and happiness!
Happy New Year! 2007!!

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MaryRuth said...

What about Washington?? LOL!

So happy that I got to spend some of 2006 with you! You know I absolutely adore you!!