Monday, December 24, 2007

On the Twelth Day of Christmas...

my loved ones gave to me...
12 years of Christmas's in Logan, Utah!
this is my 12th year here! i love it!
it is funny that post is about this today, because this morning at work i saw 5 friends from "the good ole days!" what a great day!
merry christmas!
check out this great group sing the 12 days of christmas like you've never heard before! they are amazing!


noelani said...

you moved there in 1996? i always thought you moved there before me....and you didn't. we moved in 1995. too funny!

happy day

Alleman Family said...

I love your list! What a fun thing. I also loved that cool song! That was seriously amazing. I love a cappella!! I hope you had a great Christmas. Did you get the Gilmore Girls series? If I make you some great cookies can I borrow your alther sets.. maybe start with season 1 and slowly make my way thru?? :) I LOVE Gilmore girls... I was so sad when they took it off the air! Talk to you soon. Tif