Sunday, December 16, 2007

On the Fourth Day of Christmas...

my loved ones gave to me...

seat #4 at the christmas concerts this year!

i have been to 3 different christmas concerts this year and i have been in seat #4 all 3 times! i love it!

i love this time of year! all of the fun christmas concerts that are around! this year i went to:

AMAZING! i have gone every year since 1995! i love it! for me, it is what kicks off the christmas season! if you are any where near this next year, i highly recommend it! the best, by far!!!

Santa's Elves by Pickleville Playhouse

this was a new one this year! and it was really really cute! a great show for all ages!

again, a favorite! this is another one that i have gone every year since 1996! this guys are so funny and talented! they are an acapella group and very entertaining!
and yes... at all 3 shows i was in Seat #4!!!


Dawn said...

OH my goodness, this made me want to go to a grownup event so bad! LOL I've always wished I could see The Forgotten Carols. That's such a weird coincidence about seat #4!

melissa c said...

How fun! I love Pickleville play house. I love Voicemale although I have never been to a concert. I do get to sing with John every week in choir though as he is in my ward!

He has a great wife who sings too.