Saturday, March 29, 2008

sweets and sours...

good morning friends!

i haven't done "sweets and sours" for quite awhile... so here you go!


* it snowed a few times this week! yuck! i am so sick of it! come on spring! we need you!!
* it is saturday! i love the weekends! i don't have tons planned, which i love! kevin is off today too, so we will get some time together too! ya!

* i have been working out at curves the last couple of weeks. it is awesome! i signed up to do a free survey for them... and in doing so, get to work out there for 3-4 weeks! pretty cool! i am really enjoying it so far!

* this has been a roller coaster week for my friend jami. monday she was taken back to huntsmans cancer institute because she was getting really sick. but i am happy to say that she is back home again. she had an ulcer that was giving her lots of trouble. she is feeling much better... what a relief!

* i have blue nails! i got my nails done and they are a very pretty blue! it is funny... it took me forever to add some color to my life... nails... and now i don't want to go back to white! lol!

* i was able to attend 2 girls lacrosse games this week! 3 girls that i work with from church are on the logan high girls lacrosse team. this is a brand new team that was created by 2 of my girls that were interested in playing. the high school won't sponser them because they are so new, so the girls had to come up with all of the money and equipment on their own! they are learning more every time they play! it is so fun to go and cheer them on!

* in 3 weeks i will be going to the scrapbook expo with a few friends! i am so excited! we will have a great time! wahoo!

* my mom came to visit last weekend! we had such a great time! i love her so much!

* monday i went to a funeral for a good friend of mine when i was growning up. believe it or not... this really is a sweet. i had a wonderful visit with his family. what a great tribute they are to such a great man. here is his obituary:
Melvin R. JarvisOur loving husband and father, Melvin R. Jarvis, passed away at his home on Thursday, March 20, 2008.Mel loved his wonderful parents, Lehi and Claire Jarvis. A veteran of the Air Force, he was a Flight Radar Technician and was fond of telling stories from that period of his life. After his military service, he attended BYU, where he met his wife, Neomi. Over the 47 years that followed, they weaved a beautiful fabric of family and faith. Their eight children estimate that nearly 17,500 days of Mel and Neomi's marriage produced eight children, 20,000 diapers, 312 severely burned meals, and only a handful of trips to the emergency room. Their children are deeply grateful for Mel and Neomi's love and guidance. Mel has 24 grandchildren that he simply adores and who adore him.Mel's life was devoted to serving the Lord. He served countless people both in the LDS Church and in the community. Mel was awarded the Silver Beaver for lifelong service to the Boy Scouts of America. Because of his influence, his six boys are all Eagle Scouts. The troops he led only caused one fire beyond their own ability to control.Mel never met a strawberry pie he didn't like. He loved woodcarving and appreciated the great outdoors. Mel's wife and family will miss him and thank God for his love and exemplary life.
i was really close to 2 of his sons. when i think of people who made a huge difference in my life, i think of them. this whole family actually. i can honestly say that i wouldn't be who i am today if i had not known them. brother jarvis will be missed...
* kevin got a new muffler put on his truck this week! wahoo for him! it sounds really good! varoom!! (that last part was added by him.... typical boy! lol!)
i hope all of you have a great weekend!


marcia said...

What a wonderful post you are so sweet

noelani said...

Blue toenails....okay this is my opinion and only mine....I think they are great wonderful even sexy. I asked chad years ago if he thought the same and he laughed at me. But no matter what color blue, blue toenails are my favorite and very sexy in my book!!


Lisa M. said...

Hey our Bear River Bears, have a Lacrosse team! I am sure we will be playing each other.

The Cache Valley water polo team, faired pretty well at our Bear River Tourny this weekend!

They are new and get crunched on, constantly.

It's tough to start up a sport.

HOW neat.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Life is so not fair sometimes, I think.

It's been fun to read here today and catch up!