Friday, March 07, 2008

random thoughts

ok... so i know that i haven't been very good about posting regular... sorry... i am trying to be better!

my mind is going a million different directions right now, so here are my random thoughts for the night!

* i have green nails right now! the tips are a fun green with glitter! i love them! very st patty's day!

* we have bunco on tuesday night and i am very excited about it! i am hosting this month and i am doing a st. patty's day theme. i made fun green invites, bought green plates, napkins and cups.... we are going to have an irish dinner of corned beef sandwiches, potato salad and some kind of fun green dessert! i am doing a "pot of gold" theme for the prizes with gift cards from all over the valley! it is going to be so fun! i will try to take lots of pictures!

* my friend jami is doing much better. we are all hoping that she will be able to come home next week! ya!

* one of the girls that i taught in church (from 2 years ago) is getting married tomorrow! i am so excited for her! she is one of the sweetest people i have ever met. she is a great example to me.

* we are actually getting money back from our taxes this year! wahoo! this is the first time in 5 years that we have gotten money back! we are so excited!

* my best friend, ann, has been sick all week. i feel so bad for her... and so helpless... i just want to do something for her so she will feel better! get better annie! i miss your perky self!

* i have been in the mood to scrapbook this week... i think i have made over 50 cards... i got the bug! and i can't help myself!

* because i have been crafting so much this week i am running out of my favorite adhesive! ok... so let me tell you about the best website to get adhesive for the best prices! go to! they are amazing! they have the best prices for adhesive, tools, chalk inks, chipboard albums etc! pretty much everything they sell is discounted! plus they offer free shipping for all orders over $25 and... they ship same day! i placed my order today around 4:30 or so and got an email saying that they shipped it today too! i love it! i totally recommend them!

* i have been working out! i am so proud of myself! i have done it for over a week! i am hoping this habit sticks! i am having fun with it too! that is the best part! i actually look forward to it all day! wow! that has never happened before!

* i am so ready for some new shows! i am missing moonlight! i love that show and i can't wait for it to be on again!

well, my friends... have a great weekend!

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Dawn said...

Glad to hear that all has been well with you! How fun on the St. Patrick's Day Bunco Party! I hear ya on missing Moonlight, they need to hurry up and get our shows back on the air!

Glad to see you around and posting!