Saturday, June 07, 2008

the "to do" list...

my cute friend dawn posted about her "to do" list and i was inspired to post about mine!

i will be honest here... i love "to do" lists! matter of fact if i do something that wasn't on "the list" i will usually add it to the list just so i can cross it off!

i have been very productive this week and i am proud of myself... doesn't usually happen to me...

here is a version of the "to do" list that i had this weekend:
~ clean basement
*get rid of boxes
*organize guest room
*wash guest bedding
*start putting yard sale stuff together
*sweep and mop basement
*organize kevin's work clothes
*go through random piles of "stuff"
~ take out trash and recycling
~ vacuum entire upstairs
~ clean off scrapbook table (i haven't seen the actual table in months!)
~ straighten living room
~ put laundry away
~ put dishes away
~ compile new music for blog

well, that is most of what i did the last 2 days! the girls at work were giving me a hard time because they didn't think i would get my basement done, let alone anything else! ha! i did it! and it feels great!

i love getting projects done! it makes me feel so good! if i could only do them all of the time! lol!


Brenda said...

I love "To do" list too, and if I work on something that is not on my list I too add it to my list so that I can cross it off. That is too funny.
You have been a very busy girl! Way to go cleaning your basement. What did you have to do to clean it?

A & D said...

yay for you! this was inspiring...let's see how productive i can make my week now!

JaNae said...

Will you come help me get my house cleaned & organized? I have company coming next weekend and lots to do to get ready. Course you've motivated me to get moving on it as soon as I get home.

brandi said...

I love to-do lists!! AND I also write stuff down and cross it off after I do it! Must be a crazy girl thing, haha!

marcia said...

woohooo I want to check them or cross them out