Friday, June 27, 2008

way over due...

last week was really crazy and to be honest... this week wasn't all that much better! don't ya just love the summer!

i had the opportunity to go with 2 of the girls from my class at church to a retreat last week! it was at camp lomia in sardine canyon! so fun! this retreat was for all of the girls ages 16-18. we made cute little journals, played games and talked about our Savior! it was amazing! melissa and allie are darling and we had so much fun!

the retreat started on tuesday morning and they came home thursday morning. i went up as soon as i got off work both days! man, i love those girls!

then... friday was my friends, julie, birthday. ann, julie and i went to the rodeo friday night in logan! it was fun! ann is not a rodeo, dirt, horse or crowd person and wasn't all that excited to go. we sat in the second row and she asked us if it was safe to sit there.... "oh ya... the horses don't really come that close" we told her.

well... the first horse out of the gate came straight at us! lol! it was so funny! we all laughed so hard!

the next morning the 3 of us headed to bear lake for the weekend. we stayed in a cabin near pickleville playhouse. what a wonderful trip! we ate lots of junk, played games, watched movies, went to pickleville, stayed up late and relaxed at the beach!

thanks julie, for having a birthday! we all had a great time!

i hope all of you are doing well! i am heading out of town for the weekend again ... this time to visit my brother and then to see a play with my momma!


Laura Nicholas said...

you have been busy, my friend! Sounds like you have been having some great summer fun...

Miss ya.

Heather said...

So glad for the update. I've missed your posts! You are the best YW leader--I love your enthusiasm.

Logan and Traci Wood said...

I miss beautiful Sardine Canyon! Thanks for bringing me down memory lane for a moment!

brandi said...

Great to see an update! Did you see Thoroughly Modern Mille? I heard it was fabulous.