Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the end of an era...

on sunday i was released from Oakbrook Ward Young Women. it was a very sad day...
i have been in yw for 4 years and have seen these girls grow up right before my eyes!
i love them each for so many different reasons!
here are just a few pics from the last 4 years!

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Emily said...

They are so lucky to have you!! Sad day but you know what is so great? you will still think about and worry about those girls forever :) and you will continue to influence them, they will remember little things you said and did for them throughout their entire lives, a tremendous influence!

not every leader is that way...but your the kind that is!!

did I say they are lucky to have you?... actually I KNOW it's more than luck!!

four years is a LONG while Jen, enjoy your time!