Friday, April 09, 2010

8 freakin' wonderful years!!

wow... how the time flies!! i am so excited to be married to this wonderful man! he is so good to me. i am so blessed!!

we have a 8 freakin' wonderful years together! lots of ups and downs! and i wouldn't change any of it!

it is cool to celebrate this anniversary knowing that we will be adding another little one to our family this summer! we are so excited!

we had a really fun couple of days together! we had about 2 1/2 days to just relax and have fun! yesterday we took a little day trip down to riverdale and layton. we started off the day at babies r us! what a fun store!! we even found the perfect stroller!! i wrote all the info down so we can decide to either register for it or we can just use money from our baby account to buy it! i am very excited about it! i think its gonna be a good one!!

then we headed to lunch! the place kevin wanted to try was no longer there, so we hit our anniversary traditional- famous daves! gosh!! love them! such good food!! poor little kev loved the texas pit bbq sauce so much he got a little bit on his white t-shirt. so we did a quick trip to walmart to get him a new shirt! :)

then our adventure took us to target! we looked at baby stuff there and found some cute onesies. along with some other things we were looking for... new lunch box and water bottle! i know... we are pretty exciting people! :)

we decided to take a look at the movie options and found that clash of the titans in 3D started in 5 mins!! off we went! it was a pretty good movie! kevin liked the action... of course!

after the movie we (well, I) wanted to go to the quilted bear! so off we went! kevin found some really funny sleep shorts and i found the cutest stuffed giraffe ever!! it was fun just to wander and see all of the neat crafty stuff people have made! love the quilted bear!

we were wearing down at this point, so we decided to go to dinner at ruby river steakhouse and then head home! mmmm... dinner was good! we had never been there and we weren't disappointed! delish!!

what a fun day! doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted to do it!

today was more of our lazy and relaxing day! we spent the majority of it sitting on the couch, all cuddled up, watching movies! doesn't get better than that! mom surprised us with buying us steaks so we could grill them up at home and not have to leave! so nice!

then... we decided to put a bid in on a house!! we have been looking at the house for a month or so, just not sure what to do! but today we took the leap of faith! it is a cute little house, 4 bedroom, 2 bath. not my dream home, but it will be good for us for now. i am hoping all goes well and we are able to work with the seller to figure out the details!

so... that was our 8 year wedding anniversary celebration! we both had a fabulous couple of days and it was great to be able to spend so much time together!

i love this man!


Adam, Julianne, & Michael said...

8 years already?? I can't believe it! Congrats to you!! Glad you guys had a fun day together!!!

Heather said...

What a perfect day. So glad you could do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. Get it out of your system now. When that little one comes you will be doing whatever SHE wants whenever SHE wants . . . and you'll love it! Congrats on 8 years.

JaNae and Dan said...

I've quickly learned that good days are even better when we spend them together, even if we don't do anything fantastic.

Alleman Family said...

LOVE Famous Dave's!! you'll have to put a link to the house so we can all see some pictures! Congrats... hope you guys get it. :)

Kate said...

Sounds like such a great time! Congrats on your 8 wonderful years!