Saturday, April 10, 2010

words of advice...

i get daily emails from and i love them!
this week they gave me this to do list!!

Take a nap
Skip the housework
Soak in the tub (lukewarm water)
Flop on the sofa with a favorite CD
Go out to lunch
Drop everything and take a walk
Make a milkshake
Go to the salon and get a new cut
Buy fresh flowers
Rent a silly "chick flick" (Think "Clueless" not "Terms of Endearment")
Buy yourself a present
love it!! i am throwing away my other list and sticking to this one!!
ha... not really, but i might add a few new things to the one i have already going! :)


JaNae and Dan said...

Sounds like a great list pregnant or NOT!

Christine said...

I'm going to go by that list too! It can by my unpregnant to do list. :)

The Giaimo's said...

Just do it!!! Throw the other list away and enjoy this time!! Your life is about to change (for the better) but you can never go back!! Take my advice do everything on this list twice!!

A 'n D said...

YAY for the fun list!! good for you!!

and i love your anniversary recap... sounds HEAVENLY!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to hear more about baby gear & a possible new house!!!

hope to see you next month, too!!!