Wednesday, September 01, 2010

one of my favorite moments...

a few nights ago i had one of the best moments as a mom!
i had just finished nursing abbi and she was a little fussy, as usual. but i needed her to stay awake just a little longer so we could give her some medicine.
i kicked the recliner back and we started talking... :) she quieted down and we just looked at each other and talked! she told me some stories and i told her some!
she hadn't been that calm in a few days and i was so happy that she wasn't crying! it felt good to know that i was the one who had calmed her down. i was the one she trusted to feel safe at that moment. i was the one she was happy with.
but in reality... she was the one i wanted to be with at that moment. she was the one who was making me feel happy. she was the one that i trusted to tell my stories to.
she in mine.
that is one crazy thought and feeling. i love her way more than i ever thought i could!
it was such a special hour or so.
laying in the recliner, bonding with my beautiful 6 week old daughter.
a night i will never forget...
i love you, abbi!


JaNae said...

What a precious moment between you two. I'm sure you will have many more through the years.

Brooke said...

Those moments are the best, and you will have so many more with your baby girl!

Heather said...

What a sweet little girl. She definitely takes after her mom in that area. I'm so happy for you!

Logan and Traci Wood said...

Jen and Kevin--I just think she is absolutely perfect. We loved getting your announcement...beautiful!!! Jenny you have the most amazing way with words and when I read the things you have written about Abbi I am floored at how I can feel the emotions you feel about your sweet new little angel in your lives. She will love reading those words one day so make sure to keep record of them. We sure do miss you has been way too long since we have seen you and hope that there will be a day in the future that our families will reunite in person together...but until then...glad we keep in contact this way. We did just go to Utah but we were only there for really 4 days and had 11 families with Logan and mine to see so it was very chaotic...Next time we'll plan more days and make it up to Cache!