Sunday, September 12, 2010

blessing day...

today was abbi's blessing!
she was so beautiful in her dress!
she was a good little girl and just fussed a tad during the blessing!

my mom made her dress and the hair bow! i love it! it is just what i pictured! the sheer fabric is the same fabric that my wedding veil was made out of! i totally love this dress!
i even made abbi and i matching bracelets! :)

she is such a blessing to our family!
we decided to have a private blessing and not in sacrament meeting. it was perfect for us! we had lots of friends there to support us!
we ordered food and had a luncheon afterwards for everyone to enjoy. mmmmm!
kevin did a great job! we were both pretty nervous, but everything turned out perfect!
i am one lucky girl to have this wonderful man as my husband!
and this darling little girl as my daughter!
i am feeling very blessed today! love my family and friends!


Heather said...

What a special day. She looks absolutely gorgeous!

Daks Savasere said...

Baby is very beautiful :-)

JaNae said...

Great shots of your little angel! Love the dress and the sentiment added to it by your mom. So glad you had such a special day with Abbi.

Tina McKinnon said...

Oh, she is amazing!!! I love the dress.... everything is truly perfect! So happy YOU'RE happy!

Sally said...

How beautiful you 3 are!! i love you all!! =o]