Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 months old...

i can't believe abbi is 3 months old!! :)
here are the highlights of the last month! :)* we started doing consistant tummy time! she isn't all that impressed... :)
* with doing tummy time more often, she did roll over from her tummy to her back!! and then she is much happier!
* she is smiling more and more everyday! we love seeing that beautiful little smile!
* her smiles started out with a cute little shy/flirty smile where she would duck her head and smile at you. melts me everytime!
* right before she crys she gets a little pouty face and sticks out her bottom lip. it is really quite cute... i try not to giggle too loud when she starts to cry.
* she is eating really well. we conquered the 2 hour schedule and then moved on to a 2 1/2 hours one!
* abbi gets so excited about eating that she "pats" momma while she is eating. it is so cute! her little hands just love making sure momma is still there! :)
* she is our little cuddler. and she loves to touch skin while she is nestled in. usually reaches under our shirts to touch our chest. so sweet.
* what a little swabba monster!! lots and lots of slobber!!
* we have gotten into a nice routine of giving her a bath everynight. she loves it!! loves to spash her feet. i am not sure she knows what she is doing, but she smiles when she does it.
* when the weather was a little nicer, we would try to take a walk with the stroller in the evenings too. abbi loved looking around and seeing all the cool stuff on our walks!
* abbi loves our ceiling fans!! we have one in her room, in the living room and in our bedroom. she is totally fascinated by them!
* she is starting to "play" with toys more. we have a few rattles and stuffed animals that are quickly becoming her favorite things to grab for. she is still more interested in chewing on her fists and fingers, but she does enjoy hearing the rattle noises and getting kisses from the stuffed animals!
* at about 10 weeks old she noticed herself in the mirror! and smiled at herself! she will also look at us in the mirror and smile at us too.
* she still uses the binky on occasion, but if she wants to smile... spit!! out it goes!
* in our 2 1/2 - 3 hour schedule we : eat, play and sleep. during play time we have a ton of fun!! we read books, go for a walk, play with toys, help momma put away laundry, swing, floor/tummy time...
* naptime has been a struggle. she has gotten better about sleeping for naps, but wouldn't lay in her bed. for a few weeks if i cuddled her she would go to sleep right away and then we could lay her in her bed. then we just decided to lay her in bed... she cries for a few minutes and then falls asleep. somedays are better than others, but for the most part she will go to sleep fairly well and sleep for an hour or so.
* abbi is a mover!! she is moving all of the time!! she kicks when laying down and will kick off any blanket! what a cutie!!
* october is my favorite month of the year! and i have gotten abbi several fun october/halloween outfits!! this little black onsie with a orange tutu is my favorite!! :)
* she is always chewing on her fists or hands! sometimes she gets so into the chewing that she chokes or gags on them! silly girl!! around 12 weeks old she started sucking on her left thumb too!! it is so cute! one time it is the right... the next time its the left! :) on a few occasions she will stick BOTH thumbs in her mouth and suck them! she intertwines her little fingers too! darling!
* it is fun that she recognizes us (mom, dad and nanny). she will follow us as we move around a room. or look for us if she hears our voices.
* i went back to work just a few days after abbi turned 12 weeks old. it was a rough thing for me. i missed being home with her in the mornings. she is such a sweetie. we were both pretty worn out after that first day... so we took a nap together! :)
* the weekend before i went back to work my wonderful friend, ruth, and her little family came to visit us!! they loved abbi and it was so great to spend time with them!!
* she loves to be standing up or sitting up! she wants to be part of the action! no more laying down in the boppy!! :) or rare at least. her new favorite is the bumbo, that way she can sit up and be part of whatever is going on.


Tasha Stout said...

She really is an adorable baby! I love all the halloween outfits! Cute!

Kate said...

I adore the little Halloween tutu!!!

JaNae said...

Great ways to remember all the little things Abbi does as she grows up. I love the smile pictures, you can tell she's already starting the mom & dad around her little finger with them. :)

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Abbi is so beautiful! I can tell that she will be dressed in the cutest clothes with the cutest hair bows from now until she is 20!!! Lucky little girl!