Saturday, April 16, 2011

9 months...

9 months!! wow!!

here are some of little darlings highlights from her 8-9 month!!

* she has teeth!! she now has her bottom 2 front teeth! i found them on sunday, 3.20!

* she started crawling too!! wed, 3-30! it was a big week for Abbi!! holy cow!! she is sooooooo happy to be moving!!

* because of her teething- we have had some pretty rough nights! abbi just wants momma! which isn't a horrible thing at all... it just means that i got to sleep in the recliner several nights cuz she wouldn't sleep in her bed... poor little girl!

* we are trying to figure out what sleep method works the best for all of us...

* now that abbi can crawl... she is crawling all over the place!! she pulls herself up on the couch, tv trays and the hope chest. she is now taller than the tv trays!! guessing they will get put away very soon!! :)

* abbi loves her walker! she is getting stronger when using it on the carpet. and she zooooms all over the kitchen tile. watch out!! kevin calls it the crash up derby! hee hee!

* she also loves her toys!! all of them! she enjoys pulling all of her toys out of her toy cradle/chest. (the cradle was mine when i was a little girl).
* she is so curioius!! wants to see everything!!

she can now stand up in her crib... yikes!! so we lowered the mattress and raised the side. it is much harder for us to reach her, but safer for her.

* she is a super happy girl. she smiles alot!!

* her naps have been hard. she cries and cries! finally falls asleep... usually sitting up and hunched over! crazy kid!! she will sqint her eyes really tight when i am feeding her before bed. i think it's because she is tired and
her eyes burn.

* she loves music!! one of the only things that will calm her when she is upset is me singing to her...

* Ellen's talkshow is one of abbi's favorite things!! she will listen up and watch when ellen is on.

* abbi is into EVERYTHING!!! she loves to climb! her favorite right now is standing on the base of the walker to play with the toys on top!! so funny!

* she started playing patting her hand
on her mouth to make a sound... (bah bah bah) just like daddy taught her!! he has only been trying to get her to do this since she was 6 weeks old!! ha!!

* abbi loves patty
cake! out of the blue she started rolling her little arms like we do when we are playing patty cake! it is so cute! now she hasn't done it while we are playing... she just does it randomly.

* eating right now: we added 3rd stage baby foods to the mix! they are thicker and she isn't too sure about them...

* she is eating some table food: veggies- potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans. bread/rolls. noodle
s. fruits- bananas, plums and pears.

* loves her snacks: puffs, yougurt melts and arrowroot cookies in small pieces!

* she is such a big girl!! she is now using a high chair!! :)

* abbi loves other little kids/babies!! they are her size!! kind of is a show off! it is too cute!!

* she also started using a sippy cup
with water in it at snack time

* when momma or daddy comes home from work she gets soooooooo excited!! i love it!! we are talking ENTIRE BODY jumps and kicks with joy!! melts me everytime!

we sure love our little girl! :)

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