Saturday, April 09, 2011

9 wonderful years...

Happy anniversary to my

fabulous, super cute husband!!

9 years!!

love it!!

look how young we look...

we have had an amazing journey thus far...

4 residences

a baby

purchased a home

12 ish jobs... (kev mostly... :) )

family and friends living with us off and on

laughter and tears

sadness and tears

fun adventures!!

i wouldn't trade any of it for where we are now!

i love you kev!

you are my sweet huban!


Logan and Traci Wood said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!!

Our ABC Family said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Emily said...

Awwww.... sweet love! you are adorable and fun and strong together- a very lucky couple! congratulations! love you!

Syndee said...

You two are PERFECT for each other. You are such a strength to everyone around you! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!

Kate said...

Love the wedding photo-that's how I remember you guys!