Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i have been tagged!

ok... so i was tagged by joy in the moment to list 8 random things about my education.

so... here goes nothing!

1. when i was a kid i always wanted to be a school teacher.

2. i attended a junior college in my home town for 2 years. i graduated with my associates degree in 1992.

3. after graduating from ojc, i transferred to adams state college.

4. i was admitted to the education program and loved taking those education based classes.

5. some of my extra-curriculum classes involved the theatre department. i totally loved them! i loved it so much that i minored in theatre. i took: oral interpretation, voice for performance (this was my FAVORITE!) oh... those were the days!

6. as much as i loved some of my classes, there were a few that i didn't love.... i actually failed 3 college courses!

- P.E. for the elementary teacher
i am NOT athletic! not even at an elementary level!

- Math for the elementary teacher
i hated the teacher. and i was "sharing" my text book with my roommate- who wasn't talking to me for 4 months. i did retake it with a different teacher and passed.. C+

- Spanish 101
ya... i liked a guy who served his mission for the church in Venezuela, therefore he spoke spanish. i thought this would be a great way to get tutored and live happily ever after. ya... didn't happen. matter of fact, i was failing before i even took the final. i approached the teacher the week before finals and asked her if i got 100% on the final would i PASS the class. she said no, so i didn't even show up. ya... i was a little gutsy back then!

7. ok... so now you are learning that i was not a very good student, but i did love college. i had a super great social life! i made friends that will last forever! we had soooooooooo much good, clean fun! boy oh boy! i think that we only did one illegal thing...

8. after my mission i thought that i would try the whole school thing again. so i attended utah state university. that didn't go so well either. this time i was going to try family and human relationships degree. i totally loved the classes, but i did horrible on the tests and homework. i learned so much though! i wish i could just go to classes to learn, but not be tested. oh... and while i am wishing ... the classes are free!

ok... i tag: holly, brenda and maryruth


Joyismygoal said...

Thanks for sharing- you are funny kudos on your mission where did you go?

Andrea said...

very fun to read. I loved school- so fun. Why didn't your roommate talk to you for 4 months? Sounds interesting. and why didn't you teach? (or maybe you did?). good for you for not showing up to the final. That's awesome!

Jennie said...

i was in the idaho-pocatello mission. the best thing i ever did (besides marry my cute hubby).

i am not sure why my roommate didnt talk to me... she was a complete neat freak and i think that i didn't do the dishes one day. seriously. that is the reason...

i just couldn't get through school. my gpa had dropped and i really know how to get it back up. so ya... i never became a teacher.

thanks for your comments!

Lisa M. said...

High School was a nightmare, for me-

College was SO much better

But I AGREE< I sure wish I could go, and just learn, and not have to test, ect.

This was fuN!

I have a good life said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is a lot of fun. I cant tell that you really enjoy your life and that is the best way to live! I am still working on it...but I do have a good life...so it's not too hard to be grateful.

Brunabug said...

Your college life sounds better than mine. I will try my best to post some good stuff. Thanks for the Tag! :)

MaryRuth said...


I had no clue you were in Dram! Holy cow, that totally fits you (not that your drama, but that you're animated and have a love for life)!!!

Thanks for the tag!!!! I'll do it this week!