Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sweets and Sours

hello my fellow bloggers! get ready for this weeks edition of Sweets and Sours!


* very busy and somewhat stressful week at work. i was feeling pretty confident going into a meeting with my manager. 2 1/2 hours later... not so confident! and i had headache the size of china!

* one of my lunch dates cancelled this week. hopefully we will be able to reschedule next week.

* this is really for next week, but i am dreading it so much it is affecting this week.... i have to work 2 graveyard shifts next week. sunday and monday night! ick!


* one of my really busy days at work i was on the computer working on a huge stack of papers. one of the demo ladies came in and asked if she could use the computer. i told her i was in the middle of something but i would try to hurry so she could use it.

now, let me tell you a bit about this lady. she is a little oriental lady and she is a bit on the gruff side. she isn't always very nice or friendly. i have tried numerous times to talk to her and it hasn't usually ended with me feeling all warm and fuzzy from our conversation.

ok... so she needed the computer. i asked her what she needed to do and she said that she needed to put in a time off request but she wasn't really sure how to do it. i told her that i would help her and went into the program that she needed. she was so nice! she kept thanking me over and over. it really wasn't that big of a deal to me. but it seemed to be for her. i stayed with her and stepped her through each step and day that she need to request off.

when we were done she gave me a big hug and thanked me for my kindness. it made me feel so good. i have been struggling a bit with my attitude (especially at work) and i felt good that i had done something good for someone else.

now, it gets better! the next day she came in and gave me a thank you card with a candy bar!! how sweet was she! i was very touched that she was so grateful. i had never seen this side of her before. it was nice. and it changed me.

* tonight we had a ward (church congregation) summer party. we had a potluck dinner and then we went to the pool to swim. it was so fun! my best friend, ann, and her roommate, julie, came too! we all had a great time!

* i went to the library and got a few... books. a few? well 7! what was i thinking!?! 7 books! who am i kidding! am i really going to read all 7 in the next 3 weeks? maybe! ( i already read 2 of them, 1 of them was just today!)

* oh, did i mention that i read today? love reading! (apparently! i got 7 books! )

* kevin and i went and saw transformers yesterday. it was really good. i was NOT planning on going, so poor little kev went to the show last weekend by himself. but he raved about it so much, as did others, that i decided i would go. i was impressed!

* i bought more popcicles this week! i ran out and thought i was going to die! yummy!

* kevin informed me a few weeks ago that we are going to las vegas for my birthday. that is fun! i am excited! now, i LOVE surprises! so when the "box" with all of the info came this week, i told the delivery guy to put it in the shed around back. i was worried that i would see where the box came from and figure out the surprise and i didn't want to do that! when kevin came home i told him where it was. he said it was good that i didn't look at it.

that is all for now... have a good weekend!


Lisa M. said...

I love these. They are my favorite.

Las Vegas is a blast, when is your birthday? I grew up there.

I love popcicles too

and GREAT for you, for not looking.

I hope you have a GREAT next week!

Joyismygoal said...

little kindnesses do not unnoticed oh I tagged you come see

Bonnie said...

I love suprises too. What a fun birthday!
Hope work goes better next week