Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sweets and Sours

Happy 7/7/07!!!

Here is this weeks lists of Sweets and Sours!


* it has been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT here!


* my blog has a new look! i like it! so fun!

* today is 7/7/07! we did something different today! since it is 7/7/07, you can do 7 things between 7am and 7pm! we started at 7am and every 2 hours until 7pm did something- that makes it 7 times on 7/7/07!!! kinda fun!

* we had a PSP retreat yesterday at work. no, it was not a "playstation portable" retreat, but rather a "personal sustainability practice" retreat. basically it means that i am committing to do something that will not only better my community but myself too. for example my PSP is to recycle. i am also going to change all of the light bulbs in my home to the squiggly bulbs to save on energy! this is a company wide program and i was chosen to be one of the captains in my club. it is very exciting to see the differences we can have on our community and the environment! check it out!

* another busy week at work, but i survived! not even too stressed out!
* the candles that i ordered at yankee came in! so yummy! i love yankee candles! they are the best! the website has really great deals! i got mine buy one get one free! can't beat a BOGO!
* i hosted a baby shower on monday and it went great! it was a joint shower for 2 of my friends at work. one is having a boy and the other a girl, so it was fun to decorate with both pink and blue!
* went to a 4th of july parade this week and got a little sun burned... but that is ok, because i need the color! i am a pretty white girl! i used to joke that my family and friends would love to take me camping with them because i was such a good night light!
* had lots of popsicles and sherbet this week... it has been incredibly hot and they make me cool right down! love them... ice cream is typically for the winter and sherbet and popsicles are for the summer, in my opinion!
* last night there was a bird in our basement!!! a real bird!!! i was upstairs on the computer and kevin was downstairs playing video games and he called me to come downstairs for a minute. when i went down he was wearing my gardening gloves and looked very exhausted. i asked what he was doing and he said that there was a bird down there and he had been trying to catch it. it was over in the back corner and he just needed to find out where it was for sure so that he could catch it! it was so hard not too laugh... he was so determined to catch that bird! i went into the bathroom for a minute and he yelled and said that he found it. it had cornered itself under some boxes and kevin easily caught it. he was so dang cute. he was talking so sweet to it, telling it everything was ok and he wasn't going to hurt it. kevin came and showed it to me and then the bird started squawking so kev took it outside and let it go! i so wish i would have ran upstairs to grab my camera! it was a priceless picture! kevin wearing my gloves, sweet talking the bird to get it to calm down!
what are your sweets and sours for the week?
will you join me and choose a psp?
let me know what it is?


Kari said...

Oh, the bird in the basement reminds me of when our kids had a toad in the basement. It freaked me right out!

I still remember that day, I was out in back grilling chicken skewers and then I find out the toad is on the loose and we all had to try and chase him down. Ultimately we didn't catch him until my husband came home!

So I'm sure the bird incident was funny!!!

Brenda said...

Sours: HOT! too!
Sweets: visiting family, but even better coming home from the vacation to sleep in your own bed. YEA!!!

Dawn said...

That is hilarious - the bird in the basement thing! too funny!

MaryRuth said...

so you never told us what you did on 7.7.07 :) Hope you had fun!!

And we changed all our lightbulbs to the good kind.

Love your sweet and sour lists!!