Tuesday, August 07, 2007

did ya miss me?

ok... did you miss me? i sure missed you!

it has been awhile since i have posted, so in order to fill you in on everything that has been going on, i am going to post this as a "sweets and sours" post!

get some snacks and something to drink... this is a long one!


* joshua jackson (see previous post) doesn't even know that i exist. that is ok. i still am in love with him. he is so stinkin' cute! i just finished the 3rd season of dawson's creek and am anxiously awaiting the 4th...

* kevin's job moved him to moab utah, which is about 6 hours from home! yuck! he is hating it and looking for another job. normally i would encourage him to stay... but he is so miserable. and so am i...

* because he has my new car!!!! our old yucky car won't make the 6 hour drive, so he had to take the new car. i am so bummed! i literally cried when he told me that he was going to have to take it. i want him to be safe... but geez... my new car?!?

ok... enough sours... let's move on to the sweets! shall we?



* inventory is over! hallelujah! and the best part is that is went really well! we had great numbers. i got a personal email from the district of operations. ( he is my managers boss) how cool! my regional manager was also very pleased. and, if the truth be known, it really matters to me what he say. he is a big, mean looking man. but when he is on my side, life is good.

* eclipse came out today! i was on the wait list at the library, but i decided that i couldn't wait and bought it today! i bought book #18 out of #20 at seagull book! i am so excited to read it!! i just got a call from one of my friends who borrowed my copies of twilight and new moon. she just bought it too!
how fun!
oh... and at yw girls camp, which i will chat about in a minute, i found out that several of the girls have read them too!
more people to chat with about them!!! very cool!
seriously, if you haven't read them, you need to!
check out this site. so fun!
* ok.. girls camp! loved it. i wasn't really sure that i even wanted to go. it started the day after inventory and i knew that i wouldn't be able to go the entire time. i remember last year someone saying that when they came up just part time that they felt out of the loop. they weren't there for all of the bonding and they felt out of place. so... i wasn't sure if i wanted to do that. i talked to linda, the yw president, and she said that she was doing the devotional that first night and it was going to be really neat. i should come up.
well, i decided that i would. if nothing else, to support her. when i got up to the camp tuesday afternoon i was greeted with a room full of... "sister little! you came!" "hi sister little, i missed you!" "we are so glad you came!". ya! that was great for my nervous, will i fit in, soul.
to be honest, inventory had taken up so much of my time, thoughts and schedule that i hadn't been to any of the activities the month of july. i was even working many sundays, so i couldn't go to church very much. i wasn't even sure if the girls would notice if i was there or not.
one of the girls, lindsey, had told one of the other leaders that she missed me. someone noticed. she was the first one to come over and give me the biggest hug when i got to camp.
does a girl (leader) good.
* i love girls camp! we had so much fun that first day that i went back up every single day as soon as i got out of work. the theme was the olympics and so we played fun water game. they were divided up into 4 group and each group chose a country. we had egypt (the leaders), norway, jamaica and madagascar. so fun!
i think one of my favorite parts of camp is sitting around the camp fire singing camp songs and playing games. there are so many great songs! here are a few:
mormon boy
mormon girl
boom boom
i love the mountains
princess pat
sippin cider
do your ears hang low
tooty ta
the list goes on an on... but i thought i better stop...
* the games! one of my favorite games is big booty! love it!
here is my list of games:
adams family
big booty
ride that pony
team tag
snipe hunt
* ya... i am really glad i went. the great devotional that i went to was amazing! it one of the most spiritual and bonding moments we had the entire week.
* of course testimony meeting was amazing. we did something a bit different this year. we passed a flashlight around and you had the choice to share your favorite camp experience and/or your testimony. every girl said something, as did each of the leaders. very cool. it is a great feeling to know how much the girls learned about themselves and how strong they are. it is also nice to know that they appreciate our efforts.
* i have been scrapbooking quite a bit this week! i have really missed it and it feels great to do something creative! i made a really cool album for my best friend, ann. tomorrow is her birthday and i am excited to give it to her. it has been in the works for over a year. i thought of it and kinda have been trying to put it all together! it is probably the best project that i have ever done! i sure hope she likes it.
* i am taking 10 days off at the end of the month! i have vacation days that i have to use or i will lose them! darn! hee hee! i am going to tulsa, oklahoma with scrapbook pal during part of it. but i will be scrapbooking most of the other days. i am just feeling crafty!
* can't wait to see all of my travel friends too! i haven't seen them since june when i went to new york! it will be great! and... i have never been to oklahoma! so i can cross that state off of my list.
* i am so excited that big brother is on! i look forward to it all year round! i know... silly! but i really like it! do you watch? who are you rooting for?
* oh... the day of inventory since it went so well i was able to come home early. i was home around 10:30 am! i had called and left ann a message that things had gone well and that i was going home. well, soon after i got home i get a call from her on her cell phone. she was happy for me that all had gone well with inventory and asked what i was doing... she said that i should come to the door and see her!
she came over to surprise me and i ruined it by being home already! hee hee!
she brought me "dinner" since i worked so hard for inventory....
spaghetti o's!
and some really cool, very bright daisy's! the label said crazy daisy's! and that they were! so bright and cheerful!
oh... and she works for pepperidge farm, so she brought me a huge variety thing of cookies! so yummy!
she is my best, good friend! thanks ann!
well, i think the list is long enough... i am sure there was more that i wanted to tell you, but i am not remembering at the moment. so... until next time! enjoy!


Joyismygoal said...

Yes you were missed I love girls camp and the singing and devotionals well all of it:)

Dawn said...

How fun!!! I loved girl's camp when I was a young woman! That completely stinks about Kevin being sent to Moab, UT, too far away!!! I'm glad you're back to posting! :)

Mel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm loving "Twilight". I see your a fan too:)

MaryRuth said...

BOOOO! On Kevin going to Moab!!

Yay on inventory being done!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay on girls camp!! So glad that you had fun!!!

Yay on scrapbooking!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what you've made!!!

Love you!!