Tuesday, August 21, 2007


ok... i have been a slacker! so so sorry! i think that i was so busy before inventory and now i just am lazy!! hee hee!

so.... what is new? how are you? things are good here!

here are just a few random thoughts...

* i love laffy taffy/tangy taffy! one of my favorite candy's! yummy!

* i have a weird sore on my toe! it was really tender last week. thought it might have been an ingrown toenail... maybe gout... bumped it... wasn't very sure. well, we ruled out the ingrown and gout theories. just not sure what happened. it is very red and tender. there is also a white spot on it, kinda like a blister... but not. anyway... very random and ouchy!

* i am flying out to tulsa, oklahoma tomorrow for another scrapbook show. i haven't traveled since june and i am missing it. i love the thrill of it all! the flights, the friends and the work! love it all! i also have never been to oklahoma, so now i can cross it off my list of states to see! wahoo!

* big brother 8!! love it! i have to admit, that i look forward to this reality show all year round! it is one of my favs! anyone watching? who are you cheering for?

* work is going well. one of my associates was recently promoted to another department in the club. so, that meant that i had to start searching for another person. there weren't many options internally, so i interviewed a few people outside of the club. no luck. i mentioned it to my best friend, ann, and she said that she was interested. so i told her to apply. after a few big talks about hiring friends, my manager agreed and hired her for my department!!! i am so pumped! she is an incredible worker and i know that she will be a great asset to my team. plus, i love hanging out with her. my other associate, colleen, knows who she is and is excited to have her on board too! can't wait! so cool!

* i am officially on vacation! as of 2pm today! i don't have to go back to sam's until next friday! wahoo! i have needed this break! and i am looking forward to it very much!

* i am going to spend a lot of my time off scrapbooking/crafting! i need to design my christmas card for this year. and decide what i am going to make for gifts too! it will be fun!

* kevin might be getting a new job soon! he is applying for flying j. they are a convenient store and he might be hauling fuel for them. it would be very good for our family. he would be home almost every night! that is so good, cuz right now i am only seeing him on saturdays and part of sundays. let's hope he gets it!

* my cute friend, holly, just started a great blog! check it out! she is amazing!

well, i hope all is well! let me know one of your random thoughts today!


Holly said...

You're so great! I had so much fun at lunch yesterday! I'm lucky to have such a great friend! Have fun on your vacation and making your Christmas cards! How fun!!

Joyismygoal said...

What a sweet comment on my site,you have been missed too:> have a fun time being a cut up this week we did not get a chance to get away this summer and I am missing itso have fun for me too

Dawn said...

Your Kevin is a truck driver too???? What a coincidence! My Kevin almost went to work for Flying J back a while ago, but tankers are just not for him. He does flatbed work now, local.

I've missed you! And now you're running off! LOL Have a fun, safe trip!

Brenda said...

I miss my hubby too because he works nights right now and Saturdays and Sundays. Makes it really hard to take a toddler and now new baby to church on Sundays.

melissa c said...

Life sounds great for you! Watch out for spiders in Oklahoma! My neice lives there and has stories to tell!!

Good luck on the hubby's new job! I hope he gets it!

Julie M. said...

Hi Jennie!! I miss seeing your cute house on my way home!! I am glad you stumbled on my blog so I can read yours! :)

MaryRuth said...

Yay!! You updated!!

Hope you had fun in OKLAHOMA!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be missing you!

How fun that you and Ann are going to be working together! I hope its a great experience for both of you!!

Have fun time off work!!!

love you lots!!

Lisa M. said...

Hauling fuel for Flying J.


We haul for Maverick-

Flying J is a wonderful company to work for, so I've heard, through the grape.

Good Luck in Tulsa! YAY!