Thursday, September 06, 2007

count down to bunco!

ok... i am getting ready for my first bunco night! i have subbed a couple of times and loved it so much i decided to start my own group!

our first night will be next tuesday night! i am getting so excited!

it will be at my home first, and that means that i am in charge of dinner and prizes. for dinner i think that i am going to do hawaiian haystacks. they are very yummy and fun to make!

i love the color lime green... so i am making everything that color for the bunco group... the travel bug is a lime green fuzzy dice. the table dice are green. plates, napkins, cups... lime green. i am going to put the treats for the tables in green bowls... etc...

but i am not sure what to do for the prizes... any ideas?

the 2 times that i subbed the prizes were really fun.... summer stuff, and bath and body works...

what are your ideas? i need to get prizes in the following price ranges:



$15 i need 2 of this price range

$5 i need 7 of this price range

any ideas?


Joyismygoal said...

Never playe so not sure?? My son took the three in Europe but I took the rest yes:>

Dawn said...

I subbed once for Bunco and I loved it! I wish that the groups weren't so exclusive cause I don't have time to create my own. :( LOL I don't really have lot of ideas for gifts, I'm bad at that sort of thing! LOL

Brenda said...

The bunco groups that I have subbed in always just gave money to the different winners. Everyone has to bring $5 to add the the pot and then the money is split to the winners for the different things (most buncos, most wins, most losses, and the one who has he last bunco). And the food is more like a pot luck idea, so that the hostess is not doing it all. Not sure if this helps...but thought I would share my experience. :)

MaryRuth said...

I can't wait to hear how your bunco group goes!! I'm so jealous! I wish I was in your group!!