Tuesday, September 18, 2007

5 whole years!

last thursday was my 5 year anniversary at sam's club. it is a pretty big accomplishment!

i just got my 5 year pin and certificate. oh.. and my new 5 year name badge! i feel pretty special!

i don't think that i have ever had a job for that long! wow! go me!!! i did work at walmart before my mission and i was there for 4 1/2 years, but never more than that!

i really enjoy my job, most of the time. i work with a great group of people and have made lasting friendships.

in the 5 years that i have worked at sam's club, i have had 3 general managers, over 20 assistant/area managers, worked in 3 areas and have cross-trained in an additional 6 departments! only 4 people out of my original 25 people orientation/training still work there! and one of them is currently on my team!

i started off as a part-time cashier. i was hired on 9/13/02 and our brand new club didn't open until 10/10/02. about 3 months into my job i was taken to full-time. after 8 months as a cashier i was promoted to a c.o.s. (check out supervisor), however, it was a part-time position. i quickly became full-time again and worked in this position for about 2 years. in april of 2005 i was offered the position of audit lead. this job was a great opportunity for me. i was now in charge of the entire inventory for the club. i came into the position at a great time. they were heading into the "inventory season".

even with the stress of that i still felt like i was the lucky one. i said often, "i was just given better hours, less stress and more money!". who could ask for anything more.

in the 2 1/2 years that i have been the audit lead i have worked with 6 different associates. it has definitely been a roller coaster ride some days, but for the most part, i am happy. i have a great team right now and i appreciate all that they do to make my job easier! thanks colleen and ann! i couldn't do it without you!

and thanks sam's club! i am proud to be a part of your team!


MaryRuth said...


I'm so proud of you!! That's awesome!!

I remember when you were made Audit lead... wow! Time has flown by!

Again, congrats!!

Andrea said...

Wow. Way to go. That's awesome.

Dawn said...

Wow, that's awesome! congrats on 5 years!