Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sweets and Sours

hello my friends!

it is time for "sweets and sours"!


* i am very very tired right now! i got up at 2am in order to be at work at 3am! wow... needing some sleep.

* i have to teach a lesson tomorrow in young women's on the sacredness of procreation.... wow... great topic huh?

wish me luck....


* i am going to bed soon.

* yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of princess diana's death. i really liked her. i remember watching her get married when i was a little girl! it was every girls dream to be a princess and this girl did it! how cool!

what were you doing when you found out that she had died? i was working at coach house gifts with my good friend noelani. we both were so upset when we found out that we cried. it was a hard night...

anyway... i remember her with fondness, that is why she is on my sweets...

* i have lots of other good things that are going on right now, i am just so tired i can't think of them...

for now... jennie


Lisa M. said...

I love your sweet and sours. I need to start doing them.

They are always so great.

I liked Princess Diana, as well.

She was shy and yet, regal in bearing.

What a beautiful picture of her.

Joyismygoal said...

I was at girl's camp when we heard about Diana's crash. I stayed up all night when we got home watching the coverage, it was so sad and felt so senseless. Her son's seem like fine young men.

On the other topic--there is no other more sacred privledge than procreating and it was planned by OUr heavenly father to be the way it is within the sacred bonds ofmarriage so that each child has 2 parents 2 advocates 2 people to love it and guide it through this earthlife where we are away from our Heavenly father and need all the love and help we can get,I hope your lesson goes well. I am teaching RS tomorroww on Unity (my choice ) It is not only a good idea to be unified as a ward but it is a commandment!!

Dawn said...

Well as huge as I am right now from procreating I don't feel like it's very sacred...LOL But I know what ya mean...LOL I hope the lesson goes well!

I don't really remember what i was doing when Princess Diana died but I do remember watching the funeral on TV. I was 16, I was pretty self absorbed then, LOL!

Andrea said...

How did the lesson go?
I love your sweet and sours, and I think I'll do it too soon.