Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the best of the best

so... last weekend at dinner we were discussing movies... me, kris, dick, marsha and sandi... and we compiled a list of a "few" of our favorites... then i posed the same question to some of my co-workers at sam's... so, here is the grand list
steel magnolias
family stone
first wives club
my best friends wedding
the usual subject
count of monte cristo
it's a wonderful life
social club
shawshank redemption
on golden pond
back to the future -just the first one!
doc hollywood
the notebook
pretty woman
a time to kill
lake house
return to me
walk the line
top gun
6th sense
star wars... all of them
catch me if you can
dirty dancing
breakfast club
16 candles
field of dreams
sleepless in seattle
you've got mail
the guardian
monster's inc
little mermaid
mary poppins
pearl harbor
saving private ryan
sky high
message in a bottle
the gambler
the gods must be crazy
quigley down under
men in black
city slickers
wild hogs
somewhere in time
beauty and the beast
that touch of mink
princess bride
much ado about nothing
ferris beuller's day off
knights tale
3 musketeers
phantom of the opera
the fugitive
some like it hot
kiss me kate
the nightmare before christmas
man from snowy river
can't buy me love
white christmas
ever after
national treasure
ladder 49...
so... what are your top movies? what could you watch over and over and over again? mine are the ones that are highlighted...


Dawn said...

I love Labyrinth - the old David Bowie one from the 80's! My ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE - Urban Cowboy...something about John Travolta in wranglers...LOL And The Notebook rounds off my top 3.

Holly & Cam said...

I just bought Labyrinth!! What a classic!! You forgot Dumb and Dumber!! That's #1 for both Cam and I!! The Santa Clause is a classic for this time of year too!!! Oh ya- the Sandlot- what a great flick!

Anonymous said...

so you forgot all the "oceans"movies and the "Borne" movies. i can watch those over and over and over. oh and the new version of pride and prejuidice

miss you

Joyismygoal said...

thats lots some Of mine are: pride and predjudice, You got mail, Return to me Princess bride, While you were sleeping:>

Charlotte said...

I love Sense and Sensibility and While you were Sleeping.

And Charade. Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, and a whole lot of suspense, all filmed in Paris. What's not to like about that?

cjfedele said...

Thanks for your comment! My husband is from Colorado too actually and I am from Utah.

oooh, good movie list there too!

Eric & Emily said...

Anne of Green Gables Series, Hotel Rwanda, In America -
so many movies, so little time!

Sally =o] said...

Secret of NYMH
I played it 5 or 6 times one day when I was really sick - Probably seen it more than any other movie...
I also love those natural disaster flicks... Twister, Dante's Peak, Volcano & the made for TV '10.5' about the BIG ONE hitting LA
Love you Fru Fru
your Mom =o]